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Add credit to your WorldSIM SIM Card online, easily and securely.

Top Up Amount Mobile Number / Customer ID Password/PUK    

To top up please enter your UK mobile number along with your password, select the amount you wish to top–up and click ‘Buy Now’. You can find out your UK WorldSIM number by dialling 133 from your handset. If you have a Customer ID number printed on the reverse of your SIM, you can enter this along with your password. If you have not yet registered your SIM card, you will be directed to do this before you can top up.

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Other ways to Recharge / Top up your WorldSIM account:

By Phone
  1. If you are travelling abroad and do not have access to internet, do not worry. Simply dial 154 from your mobile phone and you
    can top up anytime and from anywhere that WorldSIM™ Travel Sim works.
  2. Alternatively you can call our call centre on +44208 819 2557.
Top Up Voucher
  1. Enter the number on the back of your recharge voucher into your phone (including any ‘0s’ at the beginning) and press dial.
    Your SIM will be topped up instantly & you will receive a confirmation text. You can also check your new balance by dialling *187#
  2. On some handsets you will be required to enter your redeem code as follows *RedeemCode# and then dial.
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