Portable Large Size 75% Alcohol Disinfecting Wipes - Pack of 60 Pcs

The rubbing alcohol wipes are soft and comfortable have 75% of Isopropyl Alcohol. These wipes are portable and ideal for travel, home, office, school and multifunctional cleaning and easy to carry.

• Pack of 60 Pcs
• Isopropanol content 17.2%
• Made of soft cotton
• The alcohol Wipes are safe and comfortable to use
• The easy-to-dispense resealable lid keeps wipes from drying out
• Multipurpose cleaning wet wipes perfect for travel, home, party and so on

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Features of the Alcohol Disinfecting Wipes

Our hand wipes content 75% of alcohol and made of soft cotton which is safe for your skin. This pack of 60 pcs wet wipes can be used for all-purpose anti-bacterial cleaning wipes.

A portable pack to carry in a handbag or car. No water required instant dry. Must carry products in travel.

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