Australia/New Zealand SIM Card

Travelling to Australia/New Zealand? Stay in contact when you travel with our prepaid Australia/New Zealand SIM card and reduce your roaming charges.

Get your FREE WorldSIM Australia/New Zealand SIM card now!

  • Free incoming calls across Australia/New Zealand 
  • Add attractive bundles/plans with free local and international mins, data and 100 texts/SMS
  • Or select 'Pay as you go' with our ultra-competitive voice and data rates
  • SIM works in any unlocked handset and compatible with all SIM sizes. Use as a data sim in iPads and tablets
  • Comes with free UK and USA mobile number or add any EU mobile number through our Virtual Numbers service

Delivery Info

Add Pay As You Go Credit to Australia/New Zealand SIM Card

Select the amount of credit you would like. Up to 15% discount available now.
The more you add the cheaper the price!

Top Up Validity is 1 Year.

Total Cost: $135
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Add a Bundle to Australia/New Zealand SIM Card

You can also purchase this bundle from your pay as you go credit by dialling: *126*83515#

Total Cost: $54
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Benefits of our Australia SIM card
Outgoing Calls
Outgoing Calls
Outgoing Minutes from within the bundles of Australia SIM card include: In country local calls, calls within the EU and calls back to China, India, USA, Canada and Hong Kong. You can also call anywhere in the world at very low rates using Pay As You Go Credit. Check out our rates here. You can top-up your sim card with Pay As You Go credit at any time by using the top-up function on our website. Additionally you can renew your bundle using your Pay As You Go Credit by simply dialling the short codes associated with each bundle.
Incoming Calls
Incoming Calls
Unlimited Incoming calls can be received for free on the +44 UK number with our UK SIM Card in over 95 countries. If you have purchased a bundle then calls can also be received on the USA number (as part of the outgoing call bundle minutes).
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Virtual Number
Virtual Number
Add Unlimited Australia/New Zealand Numbers to Your SIM
Our Australia/New Zealand SIM card comes with two phone numbers on one SIM, a UK (+44) number and a USA (+1) phone number. You can add more phone numbers to your WorldSIM UK SIM card with our virtual number service. Choose phone numbers from over 50 different countries.
Stay Connected with Super-Fast Data
Data Roaming
Get online instantly anywhere in Australia/New Zealand with super-fast data. Data can be purchased as part of a Bundle or can be used from Pay As You go Credit.
Cut your roaming costs considerably with our WorldSIM Australia/New Zealand SIM card and stay connected!

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Pre-paid travel SIM card

This Prepaid Australia/New Zealand SIM Card gives you piece of mind as you avoid high roaming charges leaving you to enjoy your trip.

Top up anytime, anywhere

You can top up your WorldSIM or buy a bundle plan anytime of the day online at or by calling our Customer Services from your WorldSIM for free by dialling 190

Online billing

Manage your account online. You can see exactly how much you’ve spent, view itemised billing and you can access online help.

24 Hour customer service

Our customer service teams are available 24 hours, 7 days a week so you can always get help when you need it. We speak several languages and also have online help for immediate assistance.

Works in all unlocked phones

Our 4G global SIM card is compatible with all unlocked mobile handsets, you can use your WorldSIM global SIM card in any handset that uses normal, micro or nano SIM cards. We will give you 4G in all the countries it is available.

Call through technology

Other travel SIM cards operate on call backs, where you make a call, get cut off and then are called back within a minute. With the WorldSIM Australia/New SIM card the majority of destinations are called and connected immediately -just like on your normal

One SIM, multiple numbers

Get a UK (+44) mobile number and a USA mobile number (+1) phone number on one SIM card. Activate your US number by dialling 160 from your WorldSIM. Prices whilst using your USA number may vary from your UK number.

Premium quality voice calls

We use Tier 1 carriers for crystal clear calls. WorldSIM do not compromise on voice quality in order to bring you low rates.


Do you need to call any other countries, outside of covered bundle?
If you need to call any other countries, don't worry, simply add Pay As You Go credit once your sim card arrives. You can then call anywhere in the world at a super low rate as well as use your sim card outside Europe. See our Pay As You Go Rates below.
How to activate your bundle when you are ready to use it?
After you have purchased an Europe SIM card bundle you can activate it whenever you are ready within the My Bundles section in My Account. You can also purchase a bundle from your Pay As you Go credit by dialling the relevant short code. This will activate your bundle immediately (a shortcode is a number that looks like 83423 that enables you to buy a bundle with your existing credit.)
My bundle has run out. How do I add another bundle?
If you need to add another bundle to your existing Europe Sim card you can easily do so by adding Pay As you Go Credit to your sim card by topping up your existing number. Then simply dial the short code that is shown below the bundle e.g. for 3GB and 500 mins bundle dial *126*83423#

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