There are some of the awards WorldSIM has won...

WorldSIM are always working hard to improve our products, our service and our rates to make sure our customers have the best possible experience. Since we pioneered the international SIM card we have won many awards in recognition for our innovation. Some of the awards WorldSIM has won include:

Global DFNI Awards 2018

Best New Product Android and iPhone Adaptor

Winner for Best New Product Android and iPhone Adaptor. WorldSIM were up against brands such as Gucci and Lindt but proudly walked away with this amazing award. The WorldSIM Android and iPhone Adaptor enables you to use two active SIM cards at the same time on one phone, (transforming it to a dual SIM phone without unlocking it). No need to carry several phones and is one our best sellers year on year!


eCommerce Awards 2013

Best Telecoms Provider

TAs one of 3 finalists the Ecommerce Awards we were up against Virgin Mobile and Tesco Mobile. WorldSIM left with the trophy for this prestigious award, naming us the as the Best Telecoms Provider for 2013.


UK Blog Awards

Best Organisational Travel Blog

Take a read of our Award winning travel blog - it's packed with unique destination ideas, travel app reviews and highlights some of the most innovative travel gadgets around.


Business Travel Show

Best Traveller Services

Our multi IMSI SIM also won the award for Best Traveller Services at Business Travel Show Innovation Awards in 2009 as it can save travellers up to 95% on their mobile calls.


Mobile News Awards


The Mobile News Awards is considered a benchmark in acknowledging success and innovation in the competitive UK mobile telecoms industry and is judged by a panel of 10 mobile industry experts. We were commended for Best UK MVNO in 2010.

Our Award's Gallery

Our Award Winning Travel SIM Card

The WorldSIM International SIM card

Stay Connected Worldwide for up to 95% Less

Our travel SIM cards are free just pay for the credit or data bundle you want. Choose from our international SIM card (for phones) or our worldwide data SIM (for tablets and portable WiFi routers).


What people are saying about WorldSIM

Read about what people think about us, our service and our products

Exceptional customer service

Highly recommended. Customer service and assistance is easy to reach by telephone without long delays or being kept on hold. I have made several purchases and the products have arrived quickly and fully meeting or exceeding my expectations.

William -

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Best SIM on the market

It's great that wherever I am in the world my family, friends and work colleagues can be in touch. Also I'm able to conduct business wherever I roam without clients even knowing I'm not at home or in my office

Tony -

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WiFi on the spot

It's great knowing you have wifi when you really need it and when your somewhere you can't find it. Having WorldSim is like having extra security and peace of mind. Thank you for your service and reliability.

Johnny -

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This product and service is Amazing! Highly recommend

I purchased the World SIM a few months back and since then I have used it in various countries with great satisfaction. The pricing structure is very competitive and service is highly reliable. If you travel to various countries and need a great world product then this SIM is the right move.

Tom - Product ReviewProduct Review

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A nice decent service

I think that is a unique service very practical especially for frequent travellers. According my experience has the best value for money ratio. Its flexible and extensible. You can add on local numbers at any time, just for the period that you need them. By this way clients abroad can reach you by calling a local number. Very clever!

Andreas -

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Great to know I can just turn on my phone and be connected anywhere I travel.

Easy to use and a very reliable service. Cheap calls and so easy to use when abroad. Always have a clear line no matter where I have travelled. This is a brilliant service I only wish I had subscribed sooner, it would have made my trips a lot easier in regards to arranging phone calls in foreign countries.

Big Mac -

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