51 Must See Sights in the United States

One of the biggest countries in the world, the United States offers hundreds of stunning destinations; from cosmopolitan cities and cozy provincial towns, to historic sites and sunny beaches. Here are our top things to see and do on a trip to America.



1. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana – Packed with geological wonders; see more than 10,000 geysers, hot springs, and untouched wilderness like nowhere else.

2. Kilauea, Hawaii – To witness the eruption of one of the most active volcano on the Earth. 

3. Death Valley National Park, California – To survive in the hottest part of the United States and see mysterious rolling boulders.

4. Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico – To explore more than 100 caves

5. Lake Tahoe, California – To sit back and admire the natural beauty of this stunning lake.

6. Havasu Falls, Arizona – To see the 100-foot high waterfalls from bright orange sandstone and swim in and natural pools filled with clear turquoise water.

7. Las Vegas, Nevada – To see Paris, Venice and Elvis all in one place.

8. Space Center Houston, Texas – To see theGemini and Apollo space crafts. 

9. Alcatraz, San Francisco, California – To escape from the legendary prison.

10. Grand Canyon, Arizona To marvel at breathtaking heights and be captivated by magnificent landscapes.

11. Florida Keys, Florida – To laze on tropical islands, snorkel and to catch a glimpse of dolphins. 



12. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado – To explore the stunning mountains.

13. Arches National Park, Utah – To pass through one of 2,000 bright-yellow stone arches.

14. Mardi Gras Tour, New Orleans, Louisiana – To witness the enchanting parade and dance till you drop.

15. Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota – To see the heads of four former United States presidents carved into a mountain.

16. Old Cowtown Museum, Kansas – To ride around historic town of 19th century.

17. Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky – To go canoeing through world's longest cave system.

18. Michigan Lake, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan – To enjoy the beauty of the largest lake in the world.

19. Niagara Falls, New York – To take a boat ride to the bottom of this impressive waterfall to get a different perspective.



20. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City – To see nearly 2 million works of art.

21. Manhattan, New York City – To see the Statue of Liberty, walk along Broadway, and climb the Empire State building.

22. Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska – To see, or even climb the highest mountain in North America.

23. Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, Tennessee – To soak up country music in the place where it was born.

24. Montana Rockies, Montana – For excellent hiking and spotting wildlife.

25. Cannon Beach, Oregon – To relax at the picturesque beach framed with coastal rocks.

26. Katmai National Park, Alaska – To see bears in their natural habitat, it’s also a great place for bird watching

27. Taos Pueblo, New Mexico – To see the ancient multi-story pueblo dwellings.

28. Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico – Take a walk on a 367-foot sandstone cliff where the Acoma people have lived for centuries.

29. Yosemite National Park, California – To wander the granite cliffs and waterfalls.

30. Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, California – To feel as if you are a Hollywood star.

31. Universal Studios Hollywood, California – To visit the oldest film studios where have been created Simpsons and Shrek.

32. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California To have a look at red-orange bridge known all over the world.



33. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona To see natural sandstone rock formations – the symbol of the American West.

34. South Beach, Miami, Florida – To take a walk through glamour, art deco and walk on endless tropical beaches.

35. Walt Disney World, Florida – To get your adrenaline going.

36. Castillo de San Marcos, Florida – To be inspired by this impressive fort.

37. Valley Forge National Historical Park, Pennsylvania - To absorb the history at the place of iconic battle of U.S. 

38. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee – To enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the most visited national park in U.S.

39. Amana Colonies, Iowa – To learn more about history and culture of one of the oldest communal societies in U.S.

40. Churchill Downs, Kentucky – To see the horse race of Kentucky Derby.

41. Gettysburg National Battlefield, Pennsylvania – To feel as if you are a soldier of Civil War. 

42. French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana – To wander the French colonial townhouses and Creole mansions.



43. Independence National Park and the Liberty Bell, Pennsylvania – To visit the memorial where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed.

44. National Mall and Memorial Park, Washington D.C. – To take a walk through iconic landmarks - Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson Memorials. 

45. Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts – To see the U.S.'s oldest stadium.

46. Vermont Teddy Bear Company Tour, Vermont – To find out how the most famous bear in the world is created.

47. Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia – To learn more about the glory.

48. Atlantic City Boardwalk, New Jersey – To sunbathe on this extensive sandy beach.

49. Historic center of Chicago, Illinois – To wander the iconic skyscrapers of Chicago - Willis Tower, John Hancock Center, Tribune Tower.

50. Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois – To see the symbolic highlight of Chicago at the shore of Michigan Lake.

51. El Dorado Gold Mine, Alaska – To pan for gold at this well-known gold mine. 


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