10 Awesome Travel Gifts

10 Awesome Travel Gifts

Christmas is creeping upon us once again and the high street is packed with festive shoppers – save yourself the stress and get all your Christmas presents online.  Here are our top ideas for travel gifts...

1. World Map Shower curtain

Travel lovers can plan their next trip in the shower with this super cool a map of the world shower curtain from www.stanfords.co.uk. It certainly brightens up any bathroom.

2. Lonely planet books
Lonely Planet books are always great to give as travel gifts.  We love their new book Best in Travel 2014.  It lists the top 10 countries, regions and cities to visit in 2014.  Another favorite is Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World with heaps of photos of amazing places (careful with this one as you may never see the recipient again).

3. iPhone storage case
We love this fab iphone case from www.eynproducts.com that doubles up as a secret wallet.  Very handy for travelling with and keeps all your valuables in one place – plus saves pocket space.

4. Worldwide Data SIM card
The data roaming SIM card works in iPads, tablets, laptops, and phones and gives super cheap, pay as you go internet access in 168 countries so you can Facebook your photos from almost anywhere and tweet your travels without paying a fortune for data roaming. What's more, this travel gift keeps on giving as it reduces data roaming costs by as much as 85%.

5. Pocket projector
Small enough to fit in your pocket and powerful enough to make your dull white hotel wall into a cinema screen!  Whether you use it for business or pleasure, the pocket projector can plug into your tablet or computer to play movies, presentations or see a huge version of your screen.

6. Canvas prints (or mini ones from their Instagram)
If you are looking for a travel gift for someone close to your heart, personalization is a winner.  No doubt anyone that likes to travel will have a couple of great snaps – you could even ask them to show you their favorites and ask for a copy so you can print it on canvas and give it to them for Christmas.  If they are on instagram you could print a set of 9 small canvases to be hung as a set.

7. A small camera with a big zoom
A camera is essential for any traveler.  There are loads of cameras on the market with a variety of price points.  We would recommend a small camera with a massive zoom (at least x10) and the more megapixels the better. 

8. Tablet
A tablet can double up as a guide book, camera, camcorder or book – its uses for traveling with are endless.  Plus it's compact so can easily be taken anywhere.  Again, there are loads of tablets on the market in an assortment of prices.  Make sure the RAM is decent and the more storage the better.  Most of the tablets are fairly lightweight – this would be a consideration to travelers.

9.  Red-letter day
A night in a castle – who wouldn’t want that for Christmas?!  www.redletterdays.co.uk have loads of cool travel gift ideas for adventurists, travelers and those that love the outdoors.

10.  Bluetooth gloves
These have to be the coolest gloves ever - leave your phone in your pocket and answer your hand!  The gloves can even control your touch screen.  Available at www.sharperimage.com.

Need more gift ideas?  Take a look at our travel essentials