International Encounters – Burning Man Festival

Burning Man Festival is almost upon us and excited festival-goers are busy finalizing their costumes!  This year’s theme is Cargo Cult and will attract about 60,000 people. If you haven’t heard about it already, Burning Man Festival is a week-long festival that takes place each year in Nevada's the Black Rock Desert, USA. 



Attracting thousands of people every year this fun festival is like no other.  The desert turns in to a small city and is packed with people in fun and crazy costumes.  The festival is like a small community with plenty of creativity, performances, and self-expression and when it finishes, you would never have known it was ever there! 

This year’s Burning Man Festival is from 26th August – 2nd September – if you intend to go, make sure you have planned your trip well as getting to and from the event can be difficult.  Your WorldSIM international SIM card will give you free international roaming in the USA too.

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