Fabulous Places to Explore this October

October Holidays

A true worth of a man is not defined by his riches or positions but by the insights he has about the world, the takes he has on life, the actions he performs under adversity, the joys he shares with his loved ones, the respect he earns from his contemporaries and the feats he accomplishes in his lifetime.

How does one gain such depth in their personality?

No, reading books on a regular basis is certainly not the complete way. Books are just pointers to knowledge, it's living the experience that makes a person wise. Doing is knowing and what better way to get maxim for today’s world than traveling? Traveling garnishes one’s soul with a blend of scenery, culture, history, common sense and the most important ingredient in one’s life, adventure! With offseason for tourists underway, we present few fabulous places to visit in October. Why not make the most of this trip by being adequately prepared? After all, just a few weeks of world traveling can impart years of experience to any person. Pack an optimized International SIM Card, a portable Wi-Fi travel accessory and a live-action camera that testifies your adventure!




Said to be the location of the legendary ancient city of Atlantis, Santorini today is home to beautiful beaches and stately whitewashed homes. With tourists already leaving this place due to offseason, visitors can find plenty of space to explore the two inhabited islands and several islets here. One should start from Thira, the largest island here and also home to two largest towns Fira and Oia. Start by exploring the sky-high wineries, laying on the picturesque beaches and walking through the compact streets. With temperatures still pleasurable for swimming you might want to spend a fortnight here before leaving this place!




Time turns around for people visiting this city! The narrow streets of the inner city sprawling through the cobbled roads along the antiquated buildings creates an impression of preserved ancient history. Vienna is home to museums and monarchs. Also, in October the Long Night of Museums festival is the favorite tourist attraction. Visitors can explore all types of museums and galleries till late night till 1 pm. Thanks to the dipping number of tourists due to offseason, travelers can save time from standing in long queues and instead spend their time mingling with the local crowd knowing their culture. Besides these, Vienna holds a multitude of opportunities for the younger generation. People can spend here on bookstores, amusement parks, and zoos. There is also the option of spending the nights at bars along the Bermuda Triangle or the wine taverns touching the Vienna Woods.


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