Data Roaming - Know Your Stuff or Pay the Price!

What is Data Roaming?
When you connect to the internet while you are outside your country of residence.  This includes checking emails, using maps GPS to find out how to get somewhere, browsing the web and checking your social media accounts.  In addition to this, your phone will automatically connect to the internet to update itself so it can give you the most up to date information, you won’t know this is happening and even if your handset is switched off it can still update. Data roaming can be very expensive, especially if you go outside Europe!


What happens if I turn data roaming off?
You will still be able to access the internet in the country you live in, but when you go abroad you won’t be able to.  Your phone will not automatically update and new emails will not get pushed through.  However, you will not get a massive bill when you get home!  You can turn off data roaming in your mobile settings, it’s usually in the wireless networks menu (this will depend on what handset you have).

How can I get online while I am away?
You can still get online using Wi-Fi at your hotel and some cafes offer free Wi-Fi.  Alternatively, you could get a pay as you go data roaming USB or you could buy a bundle from your mobile provider - if you plan on doing a lot online while your away this can be a good option but if you are just checking emails and social media this could quite expensive so always check before you travel.

If I don’t turn off data roaming how much will it cost me?
It really depends on where you live, what provider you are with and where you are traveling.  Not only that, how many pages you visit, how many images you view and if you stream video or music (unless you are loaded we would recommend refraining from streaming!) For example, if you are with Vodafone PAYG, you live in the UK and you are traveling to the USA, you check email and Facebook briefly and look at the odd web page here and there you might use about 10-15 MB a day.  Here is an example of what this might cost:

The costs for data roaming can vary greatly as there are so many variables.  We would recommend using a pay as you go solution, or ask your network provider to put a daily limit in place so you can’t over spend.