How to Get Travel Accessories for Amazingly Low Prices

How to Get Travel Accessories for Amazingly Low Prices

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                                                        “Caesar of the 21st century: I came! I saw! I bought!” 
                                                                           ― Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land

Travelers today have the luxury to select a wide range of travel accessories while making their travel plans. From selecting the correct International SIM Card to the mobile wi-fi or a rugged phone, every kind of travel accessory is available just a click away from the online market. Travelers, however, often pay a lot more to buy these travel accessories than they should. With a number of sellers vying for tourist’s attention, wise travelers should use this opportunity to purchase these travel accessories at the minimum price. We have organized a buying walkthrough for travelers to get travel gadgets at an amazingly low price.


Obtain Money Off Code

Discount Coupon

The most used tactic from individuals who shop frequently online! They try to look for a code that will knockoff the price of the product they want to purchase. If they can’t find one they simply put off buying the product. Here is where a smart traveler acts differently. Before you leave the travel website, you should interact with the customer care support and try to request for a discount. You can easily get a code if you reach out to the customer care through LIVE CHAT. After all, you have nothing to lose!

The only catch is that these discount code products might be exclusive to only a particular type such as mobile wi-fi’s or Top Ups only though but can be easily requested through LIVE Chat from Customer Care Representatives.

TIP: Buying a mobile router such as the TP Link M7300 Mobile Hotspot could get you discount along with free credits as explained below.



Free Credit

Most travelers after buying a product for a discount are easily contented. Getting a product less than the listed price feels the world to them. Alas! They can get so much more. Every product nowadays requires a sim card and vendors are more than happy to provide FREE Credit to buyers. All you have to do is look for them while buying your product. They are listed before the payment option as £5 or £10 add on credit as free.

TIP: Buy a smartphone with the latest features & hardware specifications and you can avail up to £20 in FREE Credit.



Participate in FREE Giveaways Competitions


Every major travel provider organizes free giveaways to promote their brand and their business. This includes giving some of their travel accessories to lucky winners in a simple competition. These travel accessories can include smartwatches, wristbands, Dual SIM Phones, Travel SIM card with credit, portable wi-fi, speakers, finger padlock and much more. All a traveler must do is understand and follow the rules of the competition. That’s it! Participating in such competitions is a sure shot way to win prizes in the long run.

TIP: Participate in the WorldISM Travel Gadget Competiton to win a Holiday Travel Accessory Prize Pack!


Use Hidden Discounts while Buying Expensive Products

Hidden Discount

Travelers tend to avoid expensive travel accessories due to a steep price. It is what common sense dictates any smart buyer. What travelers don’t know, however, is they can try to get an extra discount by clubbing two products! Next time while shopping, try to reach a threshold amount to demand that extra discount from sellers. For example, if you buy two travel accessories, say a mobile wi-fi and a dual sim smartphone and you can get an additional £5 or even £10 depending upon the cost the products adding up in the shopping cart.


TIP: Try to buy more than two medium priced travel accessories to get an extra “hidden” discount.


Use the Weekly/Monthly SALES offered by vendors

Sale Offers

Every major seller tries to promote their travel accessory products every week or twice in a month by offering a SALE for a limited time. Most of the individuals tend to ignore these promotions as spams. This can lead to losing a priceless opportunity. These SALE offers are presented for a limited time. The travel accessory prices are knocked off to strengthen a seller’s loyal customer base. What travelers should do instead is to check a vendor’s social media handles to be informed of the latest buying opportunities. An easy way of doing this is to follow the Twitter and Facebook posts of your favorite seller.


TIP: Check the social handles of your favorite seller every week to keep abreast of the latest SALE opportunities.


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