How to Set Up Your WorldSIM SIM Card

Once you receive your WorldSIM SIM card it’s really easy to get started but as your WorldSIM SIM is different to other SIM cards there are a few things that you need to know to make sure you get the lowest possible rates…

Travel SIM card set up

Insert the SIM inside your phone as you normally would and turn on your handset.  The SIM might take up to 5 minutes to register on the nearest network.

  1. Connect to the correct network for the lowest rates
    If you are travelling to a popular destination (Europe, USA etc) we have roaming agreements with all the network providers, but in some destinations you will need to manually select the network in order to get charged the lowest possible rates. Connecting to the wrong network will result in you being charged the wrong amount.  It’s always best to check this before you travel.  You can this here check here. TIP: Save that page as a favorite! Once you are connected to the network you will be able to make and receive calls as long as you have £1/$1 on the SIM.  TIP: Always check the rates before you travel so you have an idea of how much it will cost. You can check the rates here. In order to manually connect to recommended network follow the instructions in this video.

    WorldSIM how to video

  2. Set up data
    You need to manually set up data on your SIM, this only needs to be done the once, if you do it before you travel you can start using the internet as soon as you arrive at your destination.  You basically need to set up a new APN (Access Point Name) which is found in your network settings.  Set the name as WorldSIM and the APN as mobiledata.  You can read full instructions for your handset here.


You have now set your SIM card up.  You will need to repeat number 1 above each time you go to a new country.


Issues you may face and how to solve them

SIM not registered

If you bought your SIM on you will already have an account with us, you can login anytime to see itemised billing, get help and to top up.  If you bought your SIM on an airline or from somewhere else you will need to register the SIM (takes less than 2 minutes) in order to get access to online help and you won’t be able to top up.  Registering before you travel will make your journey so much easier!

You are asked for a password

To use your WorldSIM card you will need an unlocked phone. Insert your WorldSIM card into your phone and if it asks you for a password your phone is locked.  You will need to get it unlocked before you can get started.

Can't make calls

You need £1/$1 on the SIM in order to make and receive calls, you will need $5 credit on the SIM to use data.  You can top up easily online here or call 190, free, 24 hours a day, to speak to us and top up over the phone.  If you prefer to make your life easier you can set up an automatic top up so that when your balance reaches a certain amount we will automatically top you up.  This can be done on the top up page and you can manage this in My Account.


Credit expires too quickly

This is probably as you are using the wrong network.  Follow the instructions from number 1 at the beginning of this post.


Your phone won’t pick up a network

If it takes any longer switch your phone off, take out the SIM and battery (if your handset has a removable battery) wait 30 seconds and try again (this actually resolves 80% of problems!)


If you have any further issues

Login to My Account and click on the last icon ‘Self Service hub’.  There is a wealth of information in there to get quick answers to your problems. 


How to contact us

We are always here 24 hours a day to help you if you need it, below are the best ways to contact us

Live Chat – go to and talk to us 24/7.  Live chat is in the bottom right hand corner of the website.  You might have to click ‘x’ on the cookies notification if you can’t see it.  This is the quickest way to talk to us.


Call us – call us from your WorldSIM by dialling 154, 24 hours a day.  You can also use any of these contact numbers:

UK: +44 20 8819 2557

USA: +1 3233751117

Canada: +1 6478467974

Australia: +61 283104005

South Africa: +27 105 006 962


Facebook – we don’t monitor Facebook 24 hours a day but if you send us a private message with your question or issues, you contact number and your WorldSIM number we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Visit our Facebook page.