Best Places to Visit the US in October

USA October Destination

Hot summers have quietly made way to autumn. The leaves from trees are falling, leaving the branches bare and vulnerable. Places jam-packed with people are now scant. A quiet setting has taken over the adrenalin packed tourist places.

What does this imply for a travel enthusiast?

A plethora of exploring opportunities! The southern part of the States is full of magnificent colors right now. The maple trees vibrant with colors of red, golden yellow and a mix of both present a dreamlike setting for tourists. Nature lovers can capture some of the rare surreal shots of autumn foliage in their cameras. With beautiful vista and relaxing scenery engulfing the states everywhere, this time of the year, this season is perfect for spending time outdoors in the US.

We are presenting some potentially best October travel destinations for you. To ensure all the moments are captured on your US trip, preparing beforehand would be a wise decision. Start with a USA SIM Card, a Mi-Fi portable wi-fi, a travel camera/rugged smartphone and the necessary travel documents.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Everywhere you go in this place a fresh piece of land untouched by others greets you. The park is also blanketed by vibrant fall foliage in autumn, both along the coast and high atop its many mountains. Truly a treasure for photographers, this place is waiting to be captured by a camera lens. Visitors should not miss the sunrise at the tallest peak on the North Atlantic seaboard, the Cadillac Mountain. Another sight that should be the top of any tourist visiting here is the scene of cobalt waves crashing on the jagged granite slabs from the shore. The sight of harbor seals basking lazily on the abandoned bedrocks amidst spruce trees jutting from the shores will rekindle the laid-back attitude in any passing traveler.





Home to the legacy of Thomas Jefferson, Charlottesville is the ideal place to experience the autumn season. While the imprint of “Mr. Jefferson” is strongly evident as one takes a stroll past the columns of the University of Virginia's Academical Village, or through the vegetable gardens of Monticello, the town's old-timey feel meshes seamlessly with autumn colors. Travelers should start their day exploring the area's vineyards or hiking through the nearby Shenandoah National Park. The next target should be the hip coffee shops and hookah lounges filled with a diverse population. The spirit of people will remind you about a culture that has embraced both its heritage and its forward-thinking movement envisioned by Mr. Jefferson.



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