Why You Should Visit Croatia

Why You Should Visit Croatia

With its spectacular coastline, Croatia is rich with impressive landscapes and there is plenty of opportunities for snorkeling in crystal clear waters.  Sailing trips, water sports, and coastal drives are a must, plus there is plenty of nightlife if you want to dance the night away.

Pula, Croatia

Where to go
There are so many amazing places to see in Croatia; Pula (the image above) has an impressive amphitheater in the center of the town and is a popular destination for music festivals. 

Dubrovnik is well worth a visit as the town is located inside an impressive and very large castle.  With cute cobblestone paths, you can shop, eat and drink in this very unique location. 

The Island of Hvar is rich with nightlife and has lovely beaches.  You can take a day trip to visit some of the other nearby islands and roam through lavender fields.

Split is also a popular choice, its rich with history and has a medieval fort you can visit, enjoy gourmet delights and lap up the sun on the beach. 

If you can’t decide you could spend a week sailing around Croatia and its islands and see it all!

As Croatia has now joined the EU, we have moved it to the Euro Zone profile.  This means that you will now pay much less!  Our new UK rates mean calling back to the UK while you are in Croatia is up to 73% less, plus roaming in Croatia is now free so you can receive calls while you are away, 7 days a week.