Top useful free apps for travellers

Here’s the list of top free travel apps (accessible on iOS and Android) for all your backpacking and vacation needs, and actually worth their place on your smartphone or tablet computer!


This app is a travel guide for the whole world and takes crowd-sourced data from Wikitravel, Wikipedia and several other sites, then turns it all into a useful offline guide. It provides recommendations for activities, hotels, restaurants and more, including maps and directions. The app itself is free to download, and actually displays the content of the country or city guides which are also free to download. Once the app and your chosen destination have been downloaded, all the content can be viewed offline. Which means you save money as you do not need to use data roaming to be able to access the app.

The app can cleverly use the information and take into account not only your location but also the time of day, the weather, your previous interests, opening hours of local attractions etc. For example on a sunny day it might recommend a walk through the city or a nearby park, on a rainy day it might suggest a museum or exhibition, at lunchtime it may recommend a nice nearby café or restaurant, or to browse an extensive list categorised by menu.

If you find yourself with spare time and nothing to do, you can open up the app and it will suggest something nearby, or you can for example make use of your spare time by learning about the historical or cultural significance of a place in some of the more in depth articles. The detailed maps are available offline, which saves you money on data roaming costs as you don’t need internet connection to access it. Which thankfully saves you money on roaming costs. You can also use the GPS on your phone to help easily navigate your way around which is free on most phones. Free and available on both IOS and Android.




There is a good reason why Tripit is known as one of the most popular travel apps out there. Their service makes tracking even complicated itineraries seem like a breeze, without having to manually type in each detail of every flight, hotel and car rental. If the booking was made online, all you would have to do is to just forward the confirmation email and the majority of the time Tripit will automatically recognize it and update your itinerary.

Once that process is completed, you can then start the app and let it download the latest updates. From then on, you can access your itinerary without an Internet connection, therefore you save money on roaming costs. This app can be downloaded free on iOS and Android.


Snapseed is one of the best mobile photo editing software available, it can take a bit of time getting used to it, but after you have understood how it works, it’s a breeze. For example, if your sunset is a bit faded out, the horizon isn't aligned properly or everything in the picture needs be made a little more colorful, then this app is ideal. This travel app is available free on android and IOS.

Trip Advisor      

When it comes to user reviews of accommodation and attractions, there is no mistake that TripAdvisor is the biggest thing out there. It’s forums, also provide a wealth of information about destinations all over the world. The app provides almost all of the information available on the site, including access to the forums and syncing of bookmarked pages between the web and app versions. It’s free on IOS and Android but unfortunately, it cannot be used offline, although the company does make dozens of free city guides available to download.

Maps Me

This app is a free and available for iOS and Android. It’s fast, and has a detailed offline map for travelers, with turn by turn navigation worldwide. This is an advantage to travelers who do not have to rely on using data roaming or internet connection for their app to function.

MAPS.ME draws its data from Open Street Map, an open database of geographic information which is continuously updated by its users. The application includes the data in full detail, down to streets, house names, tourist attractions and local businesses.

The map is fast and detailed thanks to several breakthrough technologies, extremely compact map data compression and high speed rendering. 


Lonely Planet Guides

Available on both iPhone and Android, Lonely Planet can easily now be in your pocket. With a range of city guides, offline maps and popular tips from their guidebooks you don’t need to worry about the hassle of piling your suitcase with loads of heavy paperwork for a longer trip. Get great impartial travel tips and keep an eye out as it expands to include even more destinations.

Jetlag caculator

Only Free for Android, this app is ideal for travelers who suffer from jetlag, you simply enter in the time of your flight, your home country and where you’re flying to and the app will work out a sleep pattern that will gradually adjust to your new time zone. The Jet Lag app does the same function on iOS.

Weather Bug

Available free on iPhone and Android, this weather up takes it to another level in comparison to the other weather apps. Whether you suffer hay-fever and want to know the pollen count or need to keep track of lighting and storm warnings it does it all. With a whole host of different map options, 18-day forecasting and some handy additional features, this app should prepare you for anything weather related.



Time out City Guides

Free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Time Out apps can really help you get the most out of your city trips. It’ll cover pretty much everything that’s happening in the city over the coming few days, like gigs, theatre showings and club nights, along with reviews and advice on the best restaurants and bars to visit. You’ll need to get the app that specifically covers the city you’re visiting as there isn’t one worldwide Time Out app.

However, the content is so comprehensive you won’t mind the little extra time needed for downloading each. Whether you are heading off on a gap year, packing light for a couple of weeks summer break or getting stuck into the culture of a country for the foreseeable there is one thing we all have in common. The smartphone.

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