Hurling Oranges and Meeting Buddha - 6 Things You Must Experience in Hong Kong

Hong Kong rocks and once you have gotten over the vast amount of people and have your bearings you will be wishing you were staying longer - but not to worry, there is a tree for that!  Here are our favorite bits of Hong Kong...

Make your dreams come true with a visit to the Wishing Tree
A visit to the Wishing Tree is a must for anyone visiting Honk Hong, mainly because of comedy factor.  It must be one of the few areas on Hong Kong where no one can speak any English so when you are surrounded with street sellers selling nothing but oranges, it seems somewhat odd.  The weirdness continues after you enter the gates to the Wishing Tree where you are thrust a giant bundle of incense and encouraged to wave it around, not sure you are even doing it right the incense is whipped away and you are given paper to write your wishes on.  This is where the oranges come in, you attach the oranges to the paper with string, swing them round your head in a lasso type way and hurl them up in to the Wishing Tree (this will make you feel like some kind of fruit ninja!)  If your wish stays in the tree it will come true.


Light up your life with a laser show
Every night at 8pm the skyline comes alive with a brilliant laser light show from all the skyscrapers, best of all its free!  If you watch it from Golden Bauhina Square in Wan Chai there is also music played and a narration (English is on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays).  You can also take a Symphony of Lights Harbour Cruise if you want an alternative view.


Get a 360 degree view on a cable car
Get up high and get great views (weather permitting) of Hong Kong’s islands in one of the Ngong Ping Cable Car’s with a glass bottom!  The journey begins from Tung Chung and is a 25 minute journey which takes you over the city, airport island, over the mountainous terrain of Lantau Island and Tian Tan Buddha.

Get up close and personal to Buddha
Head to Lantau Island, the largest Island in Hong Kong, to visit the Tian Tan Buddha, nature and beaches.  Sitting 34 metres high, the Buddha statue lies on top of the peak of Mount Muk Yue which is easy enough to ascend.  The bronze Buddha is surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery and sea views.  Opposite the statue, is Po Lin Monastery which has a stunning garden is alive with birds singing and colourful flowers. Pop into the vegetarian restaurant there for delicious food!


Relax and replenish at the Beach
There are loads of beautiful beaches in Hong Kong, one of our favourites is Repulse Bay and South Bay Beach as there is loads of open space, beautiful sand and even a life guard.  The beach doesn’t get too busy so it’s pretty relaxing and has resort type of feel.

Enjoy cocktails and dinner on top of the world
After dark, head to the Hooray Bar and Restaurant in Causeway Bay for absolutely spectacular views of Hong Kong.  While you are there you can treat yourself to a cocktail and enjoy Italian and Japanese cuisine.  The perfect ending to a perfect day!

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