How to Avoid Excessive Roaming Charges when travelling to Europe?

Planning on traveling to Europe but worried about the cost of staying connected? If managed well, you can minimize the risk of returning home with a massive roaming bill.

Here’s what you can do:

Easily Manage your Data Concerns: Plan it Right

To save yourself from bill shock you may want to consider buying a Europe SIM card.

Most travellers often get worried over how much their (data usage) may cost at the end of their stay. If you are planning a trip to Europe then you should consider buying a Europe SIM card from a provider such as WorldSIM. Their sim card is prepaid so you can easily manage & monitor your sage without ever worrying about overspending. If you are low on credit, simply top-up or set up an automatic top-up for s when your balance drops below a certain amount., You can even buy Europe Bundles from 1GB upto 4GB which last upto 30 days.,This might prove even greater value. The Europe SIM Card works across 40 European countries and will always connect to the operator with the strongest signal in your area. This makes the Europe SIM Card a much better proposition than having to buy different local SIMs in each country (if you are travelling to multiple EU countries).You also have the benefit of always being connected to the network with best signal in your area. Something that local sims cannot offer.


Get a local number wherever you are

WorldSIM Europe SIM card comes with a UK (+44) mobile number and aswell as a USA (+1) number. However, you can always add a local number specific to the country you are travelling to through our virtual number service. This is helpful if you expect to receive lots of local calls in the country you are in. If you are an EU citizen it is likely that you might be able to opt in with your operator to using your home rates/bundle when in Europe. But, many operators require you to opt in before you leave and also remain on specific networks when abroad. If for whatever reason your network connection jumps to an operator that is not on their approved list they may charge extortionate rates for voice and data. Remember also that most operators only offer data as well as local and calls back home. If you need to make international calls, then these will be excluded and charged at a premium. In this case you are best to get a Europe SIM card where you have the freedom to call wherever you like, as well as get a local number for whichever country you are visiting.


Wrapping it up:

Finally, buying a Europe SIM Card can be a great option if you’re planning to explore multiple European destinations. You will also always have the strongest connection without having to compromise on the cost, making the WorldSIM Europe SIM Card the perfect travel accessory for your upcoming trip. The 4G Europe SIM card is compatible with all unlocked mobile handsets.