How to Make Business Travel Pleasurable

Business travel can be stressful, especially when you have to juggle important business meetings with jet lag and all of the other hassles that can go with flying.  Then when you have reached their destination, it can be a constant stream of meetings as well as trying to balance out the usual workload.  Here are some tips to make business travel more pleasurable; by making some simple changes, you can look forward to your business trips...


Where possible, organise your trip in plenty of time so there is enough opportunity to make arrangements and plan your trip; getting organised early will also prevent the need to rush around at the last minute, which increases stress levels.

  • Ensure you have all of the required documents and make arrangements for getting the relevant foreign currency. Consider downloading an app like Tripit, which will help you to store everything from the flight number to a detailed itinerary.
  • When it comes to packing, only take what you need to avoid having to carry around heavy suitcases, and if you are a frequent flyer, consider keeping a suitcase packed with all of the essentials you’ll need to save time on packing.
  • Make sure any electronic devices are charged so they are ready to use.

Frequent flyers often complain that they rarely get a chance to explore the places they visit, and finding the time to see some of the sites can be a struggle. Efficient time management and a bit of forward planning will enable you to sneak in a few of the things you really want to see.

  • Before leaving, draw up a detailed itinerary and see where you can work in opportunities to make the most of the local sites.  For example, you might be able to see something in between meetings or on your way to the airport – as long as you know exactly where you are going.
  • Think ahead and download relevant travel apps like an Itinerary app and an offline Google map of the area to make sure you have everything you need to get you to where you are going, in a timely stress-free manor.
  • Can you work from the beach or somewhere with amazing views, instead of your hotel room?


Productivity on the move

Work soon piles up when you travel on business but rather than be up till midnight working you can fit tasks in when you are travelling (on the plane, at the airport, on trains, in taxis etc).

  • Make sure you have specific tasks you are able to work on while on the move and make things as easy as possible for yourself.  For example, you might need a detachable keyboard for your tablet to make working easier for you, or if you need a decent internet connection to invest in a portable WiFi hotspot to make sure you can get online whenever you need to, wherever you are traveling.
  • Break tasks down;  you might only have a 10-minute taxi ride but that is 10 minutes you can utilize to make some bullet points for the backbone for a presentation you need for next week.
  • There are some great apps out there, like the Contactually app which is ideal for organizing contacts and for creating follow-ups, and Refresh allows you to prepare for meetings by gathering information about your past communications with colleagues.


Reducing stress
The better your state of mind, the more productive you will be.

  • By simply being super organized, taking time out for some ‘me’ time (seeing sights or having a coffee by the beach) you can ensure you will feel relaxed and positive.
  • Have a plan before you leave and stick to it while you travel, that way you just have to follow a pre-planned schedule so you won’t waste any time.

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