Christmas tech gift ideas

Now that the Christmas season is only a few weeks away, it is the perfect time to start gift hunting or writing your Christmas list.

If you’re shopping for some presents, for that travel loving family member or friend on your Xmas list, there are lots of gifts on the market to choose from. Here are some Christmas gift ideas to inspire you when deciding on what travel accessories to buy for the travellers in your life…

Trtl Pillow and Scarf

Trtl pillow is an ideal gift for the regular busy traveler amongst your family or friends who loves unique and quirky things. This 2 in 1 innovative lightweight travel pillow can also be used as an everyday scarf. This pillow has been specifically designed to hold the neck in place during long distance flights. It prevents stiff neck, sore shoulder and stops the need for the traveler to lean against the plane window for head support. This means they get a much more comfortable sleep and rest they need on their way to their chosen destination.

The Trtl pillow is half the size of a travel pillow, and also more discreet. As it is made of fleece material and stretchy foam, it can easily be adjusted and worn on either side of the neck. A surprising bonus is that the Trtl pillow can be clipped onto their backpack or bag so they won’t have to wear it around the airport.Neckillowe

Dual Sim Phone

Switching SIM cards when you travel can be a nightmare. Fortunately WorldSIM have a variety of unlocked phones with dual SIM functionality such as the WorldSIM’s Storm 3 Dual SIM phone. This phone also has an expandable memory capacity of up to 32GB (so you can store all your files on it such as music, apps and movies) and works practically anywhere in the world, including Japan and South Korea.

This travel tech is an unlocked international 3G dual SIM Android phone, which would make an ideal gift for any family member or friend that loves travelling.

A free international SIM card is included with free credit with any Dual SIM phone  purchased. This means they will be able to receive calls for free in over 90 countries as well as save up to 95% roaming charges. It works worldwide and allows separate numbers for personal and business calls on the same handset.

Quadcopter Remote Control Drone

The Rabing Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone, which comes with a remote control is sure to turn any travel videos or photos into something epic. This reasonably priced drone would be a great gift for any traveler in your family that wants to take videos or pictures to the next level, and see the world from an entirely new angle. This flying gadget is small in size and foldable, meaning it won’t take up too much space in their luggage.   

Action Camera

Action cameras such as WorldSIM’s exciting Insta360 Air Android, is the ideal travel tech gift for anyone who wants to upgrade their mobile phone camera. It is packed with features that will be sure to make any gift receivers holiday photos pop.  This Action camera will do their adventures justice by allowing them to take stunning scenic photos and capture videos like never before. Lightweight, durable, and easy to operate, the only limit with these cameras are your imagination!

This travel tech combines ultra-high definition 3k resolution video and still images, with 360 degree imagining and can easily plug into their mobile phone. It is also lightweight, easy to operate, and compatible with any Android Smart Phone, laptops and computers.



Smart Luggage Tracker

The E-Lost Premium is a smart luggage tracker, and could be a perfect present that could put a traveler at ease, if they worry about losing their luggage. This tracker allows them to make their luggage trackable to all airlines. It is placed inside the luggage to avoid any external alteration during the delivery and connects to their smartphone for easy and efficient use. If lost, they can declare their luggage on the NOL network and view its GPS location. E-LOSTBAG Premium would then notify them when it arrives on the baggage carousel to prevent theft, forgetfulness, etc.


If you are looking to buy a Smart watch as a Christmas gift. WorldSIM offer a range of fantastic smart watches, such as the Neuvo Smart Watch. A great gift for anyone, this timepiece looks stylish and modern. After connecting the watch to their phone and inserting a SIM card inside, they can receive notifications such as texts and emails, reply to Facebook messages, take photos, shoot videos and more.

3D Virtual Reality Glasses

WorldSIM’s epic 3D Virtual Reality Glasses would make a great travel gadget gift for any traveler that gets bored of all the waiting around that travelling can bring.

They get to discover a new world of VR and experience different way of viewing movies, by watching it in 3d with these smartphone compatible Virtual Reality Glasses. These glasses will transform their movies and photos into a boldly impressive, fully immersive 3D environment. All they have to do is insert their smartphone and they will then be able to watch in full 3D.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

WorldSIM’s Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones is a great gift to buy for the traveler who loves quieter travelling especially in the airplane. These stylish noise cancelling headphones will eradicate outside noise so they can travel peacefully without being disturbed.

They also have the option to connect to any smartphone or Bluetooth enabled device, which will enable them to answer and end calls at the press of a button. Whether they simply want to sit back and watch their favourite movie or listen to some of their favourite tunes, these padded earphones will tune out any unwanted background noise.


Bluetooth Speaker

WorldSIM’s Portable Bluetooth speaker is a perfect Christmas gift for any of your family or friend travelers who love music.  This trendy portable speaker comes in 5 vibrant colors for you to choose from, and can be used as a travel tech. It also can easily fit into their luggage without taking up too much space.

This Bluetooth Speaker delivers crisp and clear quality and sound. While listening music through Bluetooth speaker, incoming phone calls can be answered through built-In high-quality microphone without them having to touch their phone.

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WorldSIM also offer fantastic travel gadgets to accompany you on your trip such as powerbanks, Wifi extender and a selfie stick.

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