5 Expensive travel mistakes you are probably making

As much as we love to travel we have to admit that it can actually be incredibly stressful. Whether it is for business or for pleasure travel ranks just below moving home on most people’s stress meter. In order for you to have a trip that gives you the relaxation you are yearning for, you just need to follow these simple tips…

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#1 Being Hit With Foreign Bank Charges

The real bane of any traveller’s existence – being charged for using your bank card. One method to avoid this is to get a card from a worldwide bank – Citibank for example – that have ATMs around the world. Failing that, a currency card that charges low or no withdrawal fees is a good option and some let you withdraw money in Europe with no penalty. Change up a fair amount of local currency before you travel so you can research where to get the best rates, you can then keep some cash on you, some in your carry on etc so it’s distributed in a few places just to be on the safe side.

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#2 Paying Roaming Charges

This is one of the main mistakes travelers make. You might not plan on using your phone at all but then you need to call a taxi as you can’t find one, or the hotel WiFi is so slow that you can’t even use it's then you risk spending too much on roaming.  It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan.  Bring an international SIM card and you can add a data bundle that way you can use Whats app for messaging and Facebook for calling.  Using calls and SMS over data (i.e. via apps) are a lot cheaper than pay as you go rates.  You can buy a data bundle with your existing credit too, just head to the bundles page and you will see the number to dial after you select the bundle you want.

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#3 Not Paying For Insurance

You’ve never had to use holiday insurance before – why would you need to this time?  The fact is that you never know what is going to happen and this is why insurance is such a crucial part of going away. Not only does it cover the essentials like medical bills, lost or stolen money and canceled flights but it can also ensure your gadgets as well. Keep yourself covered because you never know when something will go wrong.  If something was to happen while you are away from the medical bills you would incur would be huge, its best to get travel insurance even if it’s just to protect you for medical.

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#4 Relying On Your Guidebook

Guidebooks are there for a reason and the clue is in the name. They are there to offer advice on what’s good and what is not so good about a particular place however don’t put all your faith in them. Try things for yourself because what one reviewer might think about a location could be at odds with your own experience. Have a look at the destination you are traveling to on Pinterest and read a few travel blogs to make sure you don’t miss out on anything amazing, and that you don’t waste your time going to money-making tourist attractions that are not enjoyable.

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#5 Delayed flights and waiting around

Even if your flights aren’t delayed, waiting around is the one thing that people hate most about traveling, so when your flight is delayed on top of that it can be infuriating. In order to remain calm its best to have a multi-faceted approach for this one as it involves a combination of boredom, stress, and anger…  Make sure you have plenty of things to do for you, your partner, friends or kids – everyone you are traveling with.  If one person in your group starts whining you will all feel the pain!  Stock up with a range of books/ebooks, games (both on phones and travel games or cards), have lots of movies downloaded, etc. Gadgets like virtual reality headsets will entertain both adults and kids – time will fly by! Make the most of your time at the airport and enjoy yourself; have a nice lunch, browse the shops and maybe even get a massage.


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