8 Cool travel accessories for your next international trip

It’s those little annoyances when travelling that are always there but we never do anything about. Whether it’s being covered in sand while you are trying to top up your tan, or trying to run for a taxi/plane/bus while dragging a suitcase with a coffee in hand – these travel accessories are the solutions to all your travel irritations…

1. Portable Wi-Fi Device

Stuck for a decent, low cost internet connection when travelling abroad? A portable Wi-Fi router provides just that and allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time. Get an unlocked portable WiFi device and use any SIM card from any country inside to make sure you always get the lowest rates wherever you travel to.

2. Sand Free Beach Towel

Coming out of the sea and drying yourself with a sand encrusted towel is no fun, not is getting a patchy tan as you keep getting covered in sand.  Introducing the sand free beach towel!  This ingenuous design uses a waterproof backing so sand doesn’t stick to it – perfect for beach holidays and getaways in the sun.

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Travelling can be stressful enough without being able to get a decent sleep. Maybe your flight has a lot of noisy children or your hotel is located in a rowdy part of town? Noise cancelling headphones will let you put some chill out music on and cut out any background noise so you can drift off or at least relax in peace and quiet.

4. Suitcase Coffee Cup Holder

Fitting snugly between the handles of your rolling luggage case, a suitcase coffee cup holder is simple but smarter way to get your caffeine without spilling it everywhere. If you don’t have the time to sit at the airport café to get your fix, then this device lets your transport your coffee while keeping one of your hands free for passports and tickets.

5. Multi-Charger For All Your Devices

As we have so many electronics these days – mobile phone, portable music player, laptop or even a kindle – carrying a load of different plug adapters can be a nightmare. With a multi-device charger, you only need one. It comes with ports to charge your mobile, laptop, tablet and whatever else you want without having to buy 5 separate adapters to charge your devices. 

6. Packing Cubes

Want to keep your luggage organised? How about separating your clean and dirty laundry?

Packing cubes let you break up your clothes and other items into sections which not only makes things neater and easy to find when you are looking for a certain item, but ensures packing is easy too.  It saves you having to keep repacking your suitcase.

7. Anti-crease Shirt Transporter

Don’t you just hate it when you pack shirt for the big meeting has become creased in your suitcase. Even worse, there is no iron.  Don’t let this happen to you and instead use an anti-crease shirt transporter, it will keep your shirt smart and crease free on international trips.

8. USB Pen

Finally, we have the USB pen. No, we don’t mean a pen drive but instead an actual pen that doubles up as a USB stick. Not only can you save your important documents but you also have a full working pen and stylus too.

With these 8 must items for international journeys you can make your next trip as stress free as possible.

Happy travels!

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