The World's Craziest Festivals

If you have done all of the usual festivals and you are looking for something a little more weird and wonderful, then look no further than these strange festivals from around the world...


  1. The Monkey Buffet Festival
    Yes, you did read that correctly. The Festival is held in Thailand on the last Sunday of November and it serves as a nice bit of promotion for the country. The local macaque monkeys get invited along for an all-you-can eat buffet, which includes plenty of their favourite fruits and vegetables.

  2. The Cat Food Festival
    Thankfully, the Cat Food Festival is yet to catch on globally, but come September in La Quebrada, Lima on the weekend of the Santa Efigenia Feast, people are invited along to eat cats, but they are calls to ban it as some consider it cruel.

  3. Camel Wrestling Championship
    The camel wrestling championships might not have caught on worldwide, but they are still going strong in Selcuk,Turkey. Every January keen spectators’ watch as camels battle it out to be declared the winner. The last festival was held on 17th-18th January 2015.

  4. The Songkran Festival
    Thailand has more than its fair share of weird festivals and the Songkran Festival is among them. From the 13-15th of April, Thailand is also host to the world’s biggest water fight. Locals take along water guns, buckets and even elephants to join in the fun.

  5. Battle of the Oranges
    If you love a food fight, then you’ll absolutely love this festival. The annual food fight is held in Ivrea in Italy in February or March; the date varies but the festival is held in the run up to Fat Tuesday. The festival  consists of throwing oranges, and be warned if one does actually come into contact with the skin it’s going to hurt – a lot.

  6. The Baby Jumping Festival
    This festival is definitely up there with the weirder ones; it is held in Spain as part of the Corpus Christi feast in June; the exact date varies. A line of babies are laid down on a cushioned mat in the street, while a man dressed as the devil himself jumps over them.

  7. Tunarama
    If you feel like heading for sunnier climes this January – and the Camel Wrestling Championships aren’t to your taste – then head to Port Lincoln in Australia for the tuna throwing contest. If the tuna tossing isn’t your idea of fun, try peeling a prawn or trout tossing as alternatives. The next festival is scheduled for January 22nd-26th, 2016.

  8. The Cooper’s Hill Cheese rolling festival
    This festival is held annually at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire on the Spring Bank Holiday, with the exception of one year when organizers decided to put it on hold due to the high amounts of injuries. As you might have guessed from the title, a Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down Cooper’s Hill and the competitors must chase it. The winner gets – you’ve guessed it – some cheese.

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