Cruise Holiday Myths

Cruise holidays can be fun but if you haven’t been on one before it might not be something that has ever been on your radar.  Here are some myth-busting insights to help you get a better idea into the world of cruising…

Everyone is old
Some cruise lines attract an older clientele, in some cases much older, but not all of them.  During term time there are a lot younger cruisers – but also more kids.  Cruise lines with a good kids club will keep kids busy all day (and evening) whether they are yours or other peoples.  Cruises that depart from the UK often have more old people.

You have to dress smart
During the day you don’t have to dress smart – in fact, you don’t have to in the evening either.  Some cruise lines are smarter than others but generally speaking casual wear is fine.  If you want to dress up to the nines, you won’t be alone! Most cruises have Gala dinners/black tie nights (you get to meet the captain – but they don’t wear a hat inside which is a let-down).  Gala dinners are an excuse to dress up but most ships have a variety of restaurants so if you don’t want to participate you can just go somewhere else.

It’s boring
Hmmm, maybe if you go on a small ship for 2 weeks with a maximum capacity of 800 people yes, you probably will get bored if you are adventurous.  However, if you go on a ship with a capacity of 4000 people or more there are loads of activities from yoga and art classes, to rock climbing and ice skating.  Always check what facilities the ship has and try and get a sample of their daily activity list so you can assess if its right for you.  Depending on where you are sailing there may be lots of days at sea before you get to a destination, but many cruises stop at a new destination each day.

They are expensive
With all food included (and there is a lot of it – plus its generally of very high standard), amazing service (you will want to give everyone a massive tip), most daily activities a free and you get to stop in a different country pretty much each day; it’s actually pretty economical.  There are some bits that are expensive though, for example, Wi-Fi  - this can cost you dearly and the connection is often so slow that it takes ages to do anything.  Either find free Wi-Fi onshore or use a data roaming USB.  Calling is also expensive so check the rates before you make a call or wait till you are on land. If you drink alcohol, some cruise lines are pretty steep.  You can get alcohol packages but this is a per day rate so you would have to drink like a fish to make it worth your while.

You’ll get seasick
Unlikely.  The ships are so big that you probably won’t notice you are sailing.  Occasionally things can get rocky but it’s unlikely to last for long.  Some seas/channels have a reputation for being a bit rough so if you do your research you should be fine.

The rooms are tiny
Actually you would be surprised, the rooms are pretty spacious and generally fairly well laid out.  A balcony room makes a lot of difference though.  How much time do you really spend in your room anyway?


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