Top Tips For Solo Travellers

Solo travelling is one of life’s most exciting experiences. Regardless of where you decide to do it or how it is done, it can bring a refreshing feeling for and understanding of the world around you.

Regardless of your gender, anybody can go on holiday alone and actually enjoy it. The advantage of being a Solo traveler includes the freedom to plan your own schedule, change plans last minute without discussing with anyone else, and just going with the flow. This type of independence extends to what you eat, where you go and where you socialize.

Here are tips for a more enjoyable travel on your own:

Do Your Homework

Nowadays thanks to the Internet, it has never been difficult to preview a potential destination before making a decision. If you want a more detailed recommendation, then a online forums such as Traveltalkonline is a tremendous source of information. These are the best spots to receive in-depth data from locals about safety and culture, as well as to have your questions and concerns answered and addressed in an unbiased manner.


Pack Smart

When travelling by yourself it may be best to make sure all of your necessary items are placed in your carry bag just in case your luggage gets lost. That would mean a complete change of clothes for hot, cold, and wet weather, walking shoes, medication, and all of your identification and crucial technology. You can also divide your cash and credit cards into different places so if you lose one set you still can have another. When starting your trip it is usually best to dress comfortably and consistently have some emergency cash on you.

Stay Connected

Before you embark on your travels, you can look and research for any warnings about places you are about to visit. You can also research decent hotspots like Internet cafés that are close to the areas you will be reside to guarantee that you can frequently link with loved ones about your location and ongoing planned itinerary.

Useful Tip: If you want to capture photos of your holiday and send them to loved ones and friends, you may want to consider buying a data sim card before your trip, such as a local or from any data SIM provider. This may be the best option to reduce roaming charges and can be especially worth it for those who often travel. If you decide to buy a local data SIM card, you will have to use a different number.


Be Aware

Personal safety and protection of your important items can be a major worry. It is best to try not to dress like an apparent “tourist” or constantly flash money, expensive technology or wear pricey jewellery. You must be conscious of your surroundings and stick to main roads and bright areas when possible, and walk with certainty and purpose if you end up in unpleasant locations.

Be Adventurous /Try Something new

You can try things that actually push you outside of your comfort zone. Although it needn’t be extreme activities such as bungee jumping or dangerous. It can be as mild as singing karaoke at a local bar or taking a wind surfing lesson, as long as it’s something you have never considered doing at home. You may be actually be amazed to discover what you are capable of doing when nobody is watching.

As a solo traveller, you may be reluctant to try new things in case they don't go as you expected and you don't have anyone by your side. Alternatively, this can be a time to try something others in your normal surroundings wouldn’t do. For example, you can spend all day touring an art museum when they would prefer to hang out on the beach, or vice versa.


Avoid Unrealistic Expectations

If you are uncomfortable in regularly doing things on your own at home, then going on holiday by yourself may not be the ideal trip for you.  If you are unsure, then you may at first want to try being part of a group tour or cruise to see if you like it. Once you have tackled going on holiday solo successfully, you are certain to feel a revived sense of confidence and pride you would never have had experienced had you not done it alone. Whether you have not met that special someone, are traveling on business, or simply need some time by alone, traveling solo can be completely different than going with a another person.

Learn a little of the local language

Making an effort to learn a few words and phrases of the country you are travelling to before you go can be beneficial.  Just knowing how to introduce yourself, start a basic conversation, and count from 1–10 could make a positive difference to your trip. Locals may be impressed to know you’re making an effort and doing your best to communicate in their language, even if you’re not fluent in the language.

Useful Tip: If you wish to learn a new language you could always download some useful free language apps from your mobile phone. But to be able to do this you may need to buy a local data SIM cardfrom your chosen travel destination or from a network provider before you embark on your latest adventure. This may be the best option to avoid high roaming charges.


Be Aware of Safety

When travelling by yourself it is best to be mindful and extra cautious of safety concerns just as you would travelling in a pair or group. Take care in large cities at night, watch your drinks, be aware of any local scams and keep a close eye on your valuables.

Read the Fine Print

Some cruise lines and hotels may require you to bring another person along to share the property. Therefore if you want it all to yourself, you may have to pay a single supplement so the travel provider can still make their expected profit as if you had brought along a travel companion. These fees maybe disclosed before you book. If not, it is best to ask before confirming the reservation or signing anything.


Stay Somewhere With Multiple Positive Ratings

Traveling solo may make you feel more unsafe in a different place. Before booking a place to stay, it is best to do some research and only reside at a hotel or Airbnbproperty with lots of positive reviews. These reviews will give you a good idea of what to expect from the host, neighborhood, and if any other tenants might be sharing the property with you.

Meet People

Going on a trip alone is a great way to enjoy doing your own thing without restrictions, but eventually you might get lonely. A good way to meet people is to be a real “tourist” and join a group tour outing. Meeting other travellers is also another way to break up the boredom of solo travel. Great resources such as Couchsurfing can help you connect with fellow travellers and even locals. It also helps you find a place to stay with a local homeowner where you may also be able to meet other travelers.

Regardless of where you stay when you travel, you can also use Meetup to find local events and activities that are occurring in town. For example, you might be able to hang out at a particular cafe or even visit a local festival that isn't mentioned in any of the guidebooks. There are lots of opportunities in each city so be sure to check this out before you arrive.

Using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can also help you to make connections from where you’re travelling. You can also seek out your interests in your destination like joining a fan club for the local football team or a chess club or local church of your faith to meet likeminded new people.  Having something in common with people would be a good ice-breaker.

You can also try to discover secret spots by getting to know local service professional people such as store clerks, hotel staff, security guards, taxi drivers, and servers. Tipping lavishly can also make a lasting impression.

Tours can be an easy way to meet new travel companion. Take a walking tour of a city (recommended by the tourist office) or joining a group tour such as a bike tour, a historic house tour, a garden tour, a cooking class, or a snorkeling trtip can also help you to learn about the city and meet other travelers. If you're staying in a hostel, you can always check its message board in case they are arranging any arrange group tours.


Leave A Copy of Your Travel Itinerary With Friends and Family

It may be a good idea to send your friends and family maybe even a rough idea of your sightseeing schedule so they can contact you if necessary.

You can also make a list of your emergency contact information that is readily accessible. The list can include your own personal contact information, the name of an emergency contact back home, and any other pertinent phone numbers you might need. For example, you might include the free number for your credit card company in case your card is stolen or you have to activate the travel protection benefits if your plans are interrupted.

Take Lots of Pictures

With smartphones and worldwide free wi-fi hotspots, it is now easier than ever to take pictures of interesting places you visit in your chosen destination. By immediately sharing your pics on social media, it would be as if friends and loved ones are with you on your vacation, as they can savour nearly every moment in real-time.

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Buy or Download Guide Books Targeted Towards Solo Travellers 

The Lonely Planet guides, used by travelers of all ages, list accommodations and restaurants that will be full of other independent  travelers, so you’ll have lotsy of opportunities to meet a range of people.  You can also start your research by posting a question on trip advisor or the Lonely Planet website to read what other travelers have to say about a destination.  

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