Six Different Ways to Holiday

Most of us have a tendency to stick to the way that we always do things, but if you want a holiday with a difference, then read on for inspiration...


cruise holiday

Cruise Holidays

Cruises enable you to experience several destinations in one trip.  It’s a great way of seeing lots of different cultures and exploring many places.  Most cruises stop at a different country or port each day with only one or two full days at sea.  During these sea days there are heaps of activities you can participate in from dance lessons to golfing!

Train holiday


Train Holidays

A trip on the Orient Express is often described as among the world’s best train journeys. Even if the train is not your favourite mode of travel, the Orient Express is an experience that should not be missed. It will take you through Paris and Vienna - two of the most romantic and stunning places in the world.  There are lots of different train hiolidays that will blow your mind; through Switzerland, Russia and Tibet are just a few of the magical places you can visit.

cycling holidays

Biking holidays

These types of holidays are perfect for people that enjoy the great outdoors while keeping fit and seeing the best of the views. Biking holidays are suitable for families, singles or couples and for both amateur and professional riders. They are particularly popular in Europe; themed trips such as food holidays are also available.

With a biking holiday, you will stay at different ho


tels with your luggage sent on for you ahead by the organizers of the trip so you won’t be hauling heavy luggage around. You can select an easy cycle route or a moderate one and bikes can be hired from the organizers.

canal boat holidays

Canal Boat Holidays

Barge trips are thoroughly relaxing and provide an ideal way to see the picturesque views that the UK riverside has to offer, and they are a great way to see Europe, too. Barge, canal and cruiser boats can be hired from tour companies and they can sleep around 8 people so it’s a great idea to get a few friends or family members to join you.




While the concept of camping might not appeal to everyone there is a viable alternative. Glamping or glamorous camping has become increasingly popular in recent years and it offers a much more appealing form of getting outdoors. You won’t need to worry about pitching a tent and you will also have the use of local facilities rather than having to try and cater for yourself.  Summer glamping is awesome as you can explore, have BBQ’s and get plenty of sun.


Road trip

Road Trips

If you have a taste for adventure why not consider a road trip? United States is a good option for this and with good reason. There are plenty of long distance roads to choose from and it is a fantastic means of seeing the spectacular views and attractions that you might not get to witness on a conventional holiday.


If you are travelling overseas make sure you don’t get stung with an excessive roaming bill.  Read these tips on how to cheaply stay connected abroad when you travel.