Best European Countries for Nature Lovers

Being outdoors surrounded by a beautiful natural environment is usually a great way to relax and recharge. Holidays usually make people think of cities and cultural experiences, and also they give you the perfect chance to enjoy the great outdoors. To arrange your trip, you have to take into consideration the kind of nature you want to visit like the ocean, mountains, forests or rivers, and the part of the world you would like to go.

If you are a nature lover and are thinking of ideas for your next vacation, there are endless options available to you. To provide some inspiration and assist you in your decision, here are some of top destinations in Europe to get in touch with nature:


Croatia is a popular Europe beach destination blessed with all year around sun, historic towns, heavenly islands and fantastic natural attractions such as Plitvice Lakes National Park, this gorgeous forest reserve located in central Croatia, would be any nature hikers paradise. Home to 16 terraced lakes that are joined by wonderful waterfalls, the charisma of this place is incredible. Visitors can enjoy the hiking trails around and across the water.

There are many other tourist sites to see- The Zagorje Region is another place in Croatia, which boasts medieval castles, hilltop vineyards and thermal springs. Feel free to explore the historic town of Krapina, tour the traditional wine taverns, visit the fairy-tale Trakošćan Castle or take a hike through the picturesque highlands. There are plenty of other tourist sights in Croatia, if you are looking for lively beaches and a multicolored harbor set against the rugged peak of Mount Biokovo, then Makarska could be the place to be. You can also head to Rovinj the elegant and conventional fishing village where you can trek through the woodlands of the Golden Cape.



Switzerland has so much more to offer than just Swiss movement watches, delicious chocolates and cheese. The land of four languages is well known for being every nature lover’s bliss. This delightful country is full of glorious landscapes, towering mountains, luscious green fields, vibrant wildflowers and crystal clear blue lakes. Interlaken in Switzerland is one of the big cities for nature, and is quickly reachable by train from most regions of the country. It lies between two striking lakes, and is only a short train ride away from some of the most dramatic and faraway high peak scenery. 

The Matterhorn is the Alps most famous peak, and stands at a whooping height of 15,000 foot tall. Over the years the Alps has been admired by many nature tourists who love the outdoors and hiking, but it is just as impressive from the ground up. Famously known as the “Mountain of Mountains, it is notorious to be one of the most dangerous mountains to climb and is not recommended. It is situated between the Swiss and Italian border of Switzerland. It towers over the picturesque, car-free village of Zermatt, and if you aren’t up for climbing it, you can get to the top by riding a cable car that leads all the way to the summit, the highest scenic outlook platform in Europe.


Whether it is the lovely green landscapes of southern Sweden or the beauty of the north, Sweden is every nature lover’s wonderland. With nearly 100,000 lakes, many exciting cliffs, forests, rolling fields, mushroom and berry-picking, the midnight sun and the northern lights, long walks by the lakes, there is something for everyone.  Other must do nature activities include delving into the the Swedish Lapland. Lapland, is spread across Sweden as well as Norway and Finland and is known by many as Europe’s last true wilderness area, and is also home to land of the midnight sun and the northern lights.

Kiruna is one of the most popular destinations in Sweden. Here visitors can meet the Samis and their reindeer herds, as well as tour the distant and remarkable wilderness filled with numerous lakes. Other sightseeing activities include treks, undertaking a moose safari, ice climbing and more. Sweden also has a wide variety of cafés, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, and cultural and sporting activities.



Wonderful Ireland is underrated as a naturally picturesque country that will leave you feeling a touch away from reality. If you want to go elsewhere to a natural land that feels like it is from the past, then Ireland maybe the place for you. The southwest area of Emerald Isle is specifically alluring with its limitless meadows and cliffs, filling the view with beautiful green landscapes. This delightful country is also home to delightful villages and ancient castles that wouldn’t draw you away from the charming natural scenery encircling them.

Things to see include visiting Ireland’s amazing manmade gardens, like the Powerscourt Gardens, and stopping by the coastal hills that meet the Atlantic Ocean, such as the Cliffs of Moher, Slieve League and Horn Head. It may be also worth heading to Killarney National Park to see its far-reaching three lakes surrounded by picturesque scenery.

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If you are looking for nature that is awesome and untouched that you feel like you’ are exploring another world, then it may be worth taking a trip to Iceland. Reykjavik is the main city of Iceland, and offers enough natural wonders to appreciate and delve into. Here you will find a lively mix of hot water and cold air with the steaming geysers, hot springs and volcanic crater lakes. This place offers the option to soothe your soul and revitalize in hot waters while taking in the views of snow on top of the mountains.

There are numerous waterfalls to view, hot springs to dip in and caves to explore. Icelands most spectacular nature attractions to see include visiting the majestic mountain Mount Kirkjufell, the Látrabjarg bird cliffs, the blue lagoon, the black sand beachof Vik  and the famous waterfall Seljalandsfoss. If you are looking for a relaxing activity where you can take in the natural beauty of surroundings at the same time then you can always try the hot thermal spring baths in Iceland.

Whether you enjoy hiking, horseback riding, wildlife, or unwinding in a pool, there is always something in Iceland suitable for anyone. With pretty landscapes, unspoiled nature, and lack of crowds, makes Iceland easily calming place to explore and connect with nature. If relaxing in a hot bath is not your preference, then there is the option of trekking up the mountains and seeing the surrounding natural areas of lava fields, nature reserves, rivers, waterfalls and other wonders of this chunk of the world. You may be even lucky and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights and whales soaring out of the water during your extraordinary trip.



Collaborating with national parks and scenic views, Norway is a favourite destination for nature lovers. With loads of hiking trails, mountain peaks, and plummeting waterfalls, Norway has a lot to offer for those looking to experience some of the most stunning sights in Europe.

Norway is the home of quiet countrysides, magnificent hills and midnight sun. Sognefjord, Norway’s largest fjord, pledges a very grand and different experience for nature lovers. You get to revel in beautiful landscapes and fiercely thin fjords (which provides scenic views of the country), steep cliffs and snow caped mountains.  Things to do include visit to Hardangervidda National Park (the largest national park in Norway), hiking tours to the cliff Trolltunga, where you get to take in scenic views  of the lovely lakes and majestic landscapes from the top of the cliff.


Finland is a great destination for the nature loving outdoorsy type, and Savonlinna is one of the most rewarding destinations for nature tourists.  Activities to partake in include visiting Finland’s largest lake system, opera festivals, and Lapland. Apart from Sweden, Finland also hosts Lapland, which is filled with igloos, comfy log cabins, hotel rooms and other accommodation options that which were especially made for enjoying the amazing vibrant natural light show known as the Aurora Borealis in Lapland.

Oulanka National Park is a good place spot in this region for seeing the dancing lights during the aurora sighting season. This fantastic park in the far north of Finland sits between astonishing rocky landscapes of snow covered forests with candle spruces standing frozen before a backdrop of the radiant aurora.

Nature plays a huge part in the Finnish lifestyle and swimming, camping and hiking in wilderness places such as the Nuuksio National Park is most welcomed. It is situated in Helsinki’s metropolitan area and can is easily accessible using public transportation. The park has nature trails and camping sites. Animal life exists amongst the birch forests, lakes, swamps, hills and valleys and includes moose, fox and flying squirrels. During the day, you can also enjoy various activities including visiting glass igloos and the ice castle, sledding, cross country skiing, snow-shoeing, Reindeer safaris, and much more as. Cozy log cabins located right in the park are ideal for laying your head down at night and make a great area to mix a vacation of winter sports with the chance to watch one of the greatest wonders of nature after dark.

The large and peaceful Lake Saimaa is also a popular attraction for the tourists wanting to surround themselves with nature, many people own private cottages nearby by and spend the days picking berries, canoeing, fishing, swimming and loving being outdoors. Some of the best and loveliest sights along the shorelines of Saimaa include Linnansaari National Park, the idyllic town of Puumala, and Savonlinna, home to the Olavinlinna castle.

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