The Finest Eco Friendly Destinations From Around the World

As some locations around the world start to perish forever due to environmental adjustments, ecotourism is becoming trendier and more crucial than ever. One aspect that is becoming more important to many international visitors before they choose their destination is on how eco-friendly the country is. Ecotourism locations not only give travellers the chance to see a few of the most intense and alluring natural wonders around the earth, but it also guarantees them to do so responsibly.

Here are the top 10 green travel destination that you could consider for your next vacation:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular lush destination filled with rainforests, black sand beaches, flowing rivers, national parks, and nature reserves. This country is on the cutting edge of eco friendliness and sustainable advancement. The country is full of eco vacation residences that are both classy and modest, highlighting facilities such as organic farm-to-table dining, and naturally warm rock pools for bathing, and tours that are guided by experts in environmentally friendly tourism. It is a picturesque spot with a well advanced tourism industry. It’s ecotourism infrastructure should ensure your next trip has little impact on the country’s stunning biodiversity and well preserved organic beauty.

Costa Rica’s offer a variety of outdoor activities for nature travelers to explore, and is widely known for its expansion of wildlife refuges and the diversity of its animals and plants. Green travellers are also spoilt with choice of accommodations on offer including eco-friendly green hotels, resorts or lodges.

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The Republic of Palau

Palau is a little nation made up of more than 500 islands, and is situated in the Pacific Ocean, between the Philippines and Guam. It is an island nation in the western Pacific that is part of Micronesia, and due to its remote location, it has been kept off the beaten path of mass tourism. As one of the world’s most remarkable diving destinations, Palau risked damaging the country’s clean waters due to too much hindrance by man.

More recognized for its oceans than for its land, Palau’s faraway location has assisted to guard both its natural resources and its cultural traditions from the destructive effects of mass tourism. The locals continue to work hard to make sure their island paradise stays pure even in the future.

Off the coast is an exquisite, clear blue sea home to coral reefs and a million variety of fishes. On land, the country has various forests and nature travelers can try various activities such as wander along unspoiled beaches or go hiking through thick jungles. The nation has devoted itself to protecting such beautiful landscapes by making much of its reefs no-fishing zones and as a result, many endangered fish breeds have repopulated the district.

The government is still being active and making an attempt to guarantee that the country's lovely natural surroundings remains insignificantly impacted by human touch. The Palau Conservation Society controls about two dozen conservation territories and is in command of supporting sustainable development. This destination is also a marvelous non guilty option for a fabulous beach escape.

About 460 miles of reefs and lagoon waters are dedicated no-fishing zones, which has allowed many endangered species of fish to repopulate the area. The Palau Conservation Society manages nearly two dozen conservation areas and encourages sustainable development to protect the islands’ fragile ecosystems.


Many tourists from around the world go to Kenya’s breathtaking savannahs for safari encounters with some of Earth’s most majestic wild animals. The country has no more than fifty national parks and preserves. The government has kept a continuous watchful eye on Ecotourism in Kenya, in aim of keeping this African nation’s natural resources in the same way and undamaged. On Kenya’s coastline, visitors can stroll along beaches of untouched white sand or dive among glorious coral reefs. Like in Costa Rica, lodges in Kenya are appraised according to their environmental rules.

This glorious destination is one of the main countries to take an African safari due to its grasslands full of animals such as giraffes, lions, and rhinos. However, the country has more to offer than just that such as beaches, coral reefs, and mountains. Such diverse landscapes means that Kenya has a lot of variety of species including birds.



In Mongolia, the local government has worked very hard to get electricity and access to faraway areas. Mongolia has also advocated preservation and protected the region from mining and development. Mongolia also glorifies international women's day and pushes for senior welfare.

Shepherds have grazed cattle on Mongolia's grasslands for thousands of years. Nowadays, these wandering communities are accepting renewable energy, where 70 percent have access to solar power. In addition to supporting green power, Mongolia has shielded almost 15 percent of its land. Furthermore, Mongolia has begun widespread improvements of its legal system, including reinforced securities against hate crimes, bigotry and discrimination.


Nature enthusiasts dreaming of a lavish holistic and eco-friendly well-being experience in Bali, will not be disappointed.  Bali offers a fantastic variety of eco-friendly health retreats for green visitors looking for a yoga or meditation holiday or simply wanting to get touch with nature. This country’s fantastic eco resorts will allow you to escape the stress of everyday life with sunrise yoga, sunset and mediation. Some of the green retreats are surrounded by beautiful tropical and offers a wide range of healthy cuisines, using only the freshest ingredients, with fish caught in the nearby sea of Bali and fresh fruit and vegetables grown at the on-site farm. Activities range from getting near to nature with a sunrise dolphin sail, rice field trekking and educational eco-forest walks to learn more about things like local wildlife.

The wonderful Bali’s offers great attractions and a fine blend of natural wonders including highlands with active volcanoes, streaming waterfalls, serene lakes and wooded mountains. Set in balance with the environment are centuries-old

Man-made miracles, from immense bulks of smooth green rice fields to magnificent temples. This country is also home to a collection of coral gardens and rich marine biodiversity. Despite being a significantly tiny island, it is also packed with other great organic attractions that you may not be able to uncover within the period of a single visit.



Bhutan in south Asia’s "national tourism plans for the country" includes sustainable tourism development standards like environmentally friendly business practices, support for the protection of cultural heritage, tangible social and economic benefits to local people, safeguarding biodiversity and natural resources for future generations. This country also continues its practices of standard priority for low-impact tourism with locally owned properties to boost the area's social development.

Bhutan has developed its tourism industry in line with preserving its unique culture and natural resources. Their policy states that 60% of the country’s land should be kept forested. In 2015, the country achieved a Guinness World record for 50,000 trees in only one hour. Bhutan is also the only carbon negative country in the world meaning that it absorbs more carbon than it emits. This county’s heavy investment in renewable energy like geothermal and hydropower plants, which is helping them in achieving their aim of becoming a zero emissions country by 2030.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde, is one of the most ethical destinations in the world, and is a small island nation which sits off the northwest coast of Africa. This country is aiming to source 50 percent of its energy from renewables by 2020. Cabo Verde is also leading the way when it comes to marine protection and has confirmed vital programs to conserve endangered loggerhead turtles from hunting and beach pollution. What ‘s more, it is a champion on gender equality leading to many women holding leadership positions in the private sector as well as in government.

Cape Verde

Grenada's continues dedication to environmental friendly activities and ensuring that money fuels the local community by means of small scale tourism makes the island a perfect option for scrupulous travelers. In spite of the island's small size, Grenada has raised money and understanding around climate change and aided its local people. This destination has also made great steps to maintain its coral reef ecosystems through the International Coral Reef Initiative, a coalition to use sustainable management practices and increase awareness of vanishing coral reefs across the globe. Grenada has much nature activities to offer such as a visit On to the Grand Anse Beach or catching sight of the splendid marine life at Grenada's several dive sites.

Grenada’s achievement for its work to rejuvenate coral reefs through the establishment of a coral nursery program has been greatly recognized around the globe. This Caribbean island nation is also battling for global action on climate change, just like many other island nations around the world

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