Benefits of using Simple Dual SIM Phones on your Travels

No Smart Phone

Smartphones despite being an indispensable tool for being connected, and availing services today has become an addiction to most of us in some way. According to a report by Economist Times, a quarter of British adults are bound to suffer from mental illness due to social media at some point during their life. Besides, traveling is an activity done for procreation and constant distractions from one smartphone will dampen the spirit of exploration and freshness derived from visiting a new place. Here we present top reasons on why you should opt only for a simple dual sim phone on your next adventure.

As any good adventurer would recommend, here is our set of must carry items: A Dual Sim Phone, an action camera, a small rugged backpack with all your travel documents and most importantly an explorer’s mindset.


Be More Alive

Dual SIM Phones Health Benefits

Turning off from the virtual world is the basic purpose of travelling. There is a vast difference in seeing an adventure on a screen and living the experience yourself. Switching off from social media also has another vital benefit. It digitally detoxes your mind. In simple words, it stops a person’s hankering for validation from other people. An individual starts to enjoy experiences as they are meant to be; with close loved ones and real friends. Plus sharing one’s experience via talking from a dual sim phone the old fashioned way is truly irreplaceable!


Reduced Data Costs

Dual SIM Phones Reduced Data Costs

Most of us are hooked to just staying online all the time even if there is no need to stay online. In the usual day to day life, it’s fine to do so but whilst travelling, the exorbitant roaming costs can lead to very high mobile bill cost. Using a featured Dual SIM Phone will prevent you from visiting social media sites needlessly. For availing vital travel services there are SIM free devices such as an iPad which you can use in a Free Wi-Fi zone. A Dual SIM Phone will enable you to text, call, send some support email and also save you considerable money too. 


Connect with More around You


A traveler’s odyssey is a narration of experiences not easily available in an individual’s day to day life. This doesn’t consist of taking selfies and eating out in branded outlets available everywhere. A traveler’s adventure is about meeting local people, discovering local cuisines, visiting places not available online but most importantly having a hearty talk with your loved ones the old-fashioned way. A call using a dual sim phone in one hand with a beverage in another!


Be More Responsive while you Travel


Traveling undistracted keeps a person grounded at the moment. You can relate to the places, monuments and the day to day activities of the natives you visit This means no internet but just a basic dual sim phone to stay connected back home or being able to reach out to your office in case of impromptu work. Lack of distractions due to being offline means one can focus more on being on the road and partake in the experiences arising due to traveling. Moreover, if anyone is worried sick about you then they can easily reach out to you on your dual sim phone anytime!


Added benefits of simple feature dual sim phones


There is a boon in simplicity. Travelers often overlook the fact that traveling is an adventure and can often lead to accidents. An expensive phone getting lost/broken or unfortunately being stolen while travelling is a common occurrence. Besides these factors, Dual SIM Phones available in the market today come with pretty neat features. Take, for example, the E20 Dual SIM Phone. This small International 2G Dual SIM flip case ergonomic phone works almost anywhere. Travelers should use this for travelling to normal tourist places. For rough and unreachable terrain, hikers should carry the drop and waterproof CAT B35 Dual SIM Phone. It is an unlocked rugged 4G Dual SIM Android Phone that comes with 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee and works practically anywhere.

There are also pretty much other handy utilitarian features found in Dumb Phones. The P20 Dual SIM Phone can be used as a Power Bank to charge your other online devices. Besides these, there are other Dual SIM Phones that are simple but stylish such as the M Phone XL Dual SIM Phone. This little marvel of technology is a no-contract handset with UK craftmanship designed in London. These were just some of the Dual SIM Phones that can greatly assist you on your travels. These Dual SIM Phones are a combination of style, simplicity, elegance, and most importantly utility.


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