A face mask that neutralises COVID-19?

Yes, you read that correctly!  There is a new face mask that is able to self-sanitize and actually neutralise COVID on the external surface of the mask.  This innovative invention has a bacteria-killing coating that can eliminate up to 90% of the virus in about two hours.  The innovation comes from Indian face mask manufacturer, Keeolife, who have begun to distribute all over the world so we are pleased to be one of the first UK suppliers! 

KeeoLife N99 FFP3 Respirators

This Keeolife face mask is also an FFP2 face mask with 5 layers of protection.  Whatsmore, the anti-bacterial face mask is CE certified and meets EN149-2001 and A1: 2009 requirements. 

The unique design is an anti-bacterial coating that is combined with natural organic extracts in order to provide a protective shield against COVID-19.  Keeolife also offer an FFP3 version of this mask to give you an even higher level of protection. In a recent study by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust they found that wearing an FFP3 face mask can considerably reduce the risk of health care workers becoming infected with coronavirus and they says that it's likely that FFP3 masks give 100% protection against the virus. 

 Get your Keeolife self-sanitizing face mask today!