The Coolest Father’s Day Gifts for 2015!

Forget about the usual gifts of Best Dad mugs and aftershaves, this year get your dad something that he will love (not that he doesn’t like your usual gifts!)  We have trawled the internet high and low to bring you the coolest Father’s Day gifts around - in no particular order, here are our top finds….

 Personalised coasters

Personalised Coasters

What Dad wouldn’t love a picture of your face?  Sift through your family photos and your happiest, silliest or greatest moments and print them on to coasters that Dad can treasure them every day.

 USB Pen


It’s a pen, it’s a stylus and is and 8GB memory stick all rolled into one!  Dad will love this pen, come gadget as he can use it for writing, on his tablet and to store all of his files on.  In addition the pen is also a flash light (his eyesight is probably not what it used to be!) and a laser pointer (he can point at things without leaving his chair).

 Hammer pen knife

Hammer Pen Knife

We love this cool hammer pen knife – great for DIY Dads!  It’s a hammer, screwdriver and wire cutter amongst other things, so Dad can have tools at hand wherever he is.

 BBQ Sword

BBQ Sword

With summer coming up no doubt Dad will be putting on a BBQ, this novelty BBQ sword and mask will enable him to be the BBQ ninja he was born to be!

Build your own camera

Build Your Own Camera

Keep Dad busy with this build your own camera kit.  It takes about 2 hours to assemble and then Dad can be snapping away creating his next masterpiece.  With awesome photo effects Dad could be the next big thing in photography.

worldwide wifi portable hotspot

Worldwide Wi-Fi

If your Dad likes to travel, then his pocket sized gadget will enable him to stay connected worldwide without expensive roaming bills.  Dad will be able to connect all his devices for internet on the go and reduce his data roaming charges by as much as 85%.  A gift that just keeps on giving – but that probably doesn’t exclude you from buying a Father’s day gift next year!

 grow your own chillies

Grow Your Own Chillies

What is it with Dads and chillies?  This grow your own chilli hanging basket is ideal for chilli lovers and dads that love their gardening.  The pack contains everything he will need to get started and you’ll have a constant source of chillies all summer long – bonus!


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