18 Most Forgotten Holiday Essentials When Packing

Travelling can be an exhilarating experience, but the excitement can quickly turn to frustration if you realise you've forgotten essential items. To spare yourself the hassle of running around a foreign city in search of forgotten necessities, we've compiled a list of frequently overlooked holiday essentials. These items are often small but can make a significant difference in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable trip. Consider this checklist a reliable companion for stress-free travels, helping you avoid common pitfalls and focus on making lasting memories.

 Holiday essentials you can't forget

Holiday Essentials You Can't Forget:

  1. Padlock

    You never know when you might need one – for your backpack on a crowded bus or street, for your suitcase, for leaving luggage in a locker etc.

  2. Extra memory card

    You’re in a picturesque place and snapping away on your camera only to find you have to delete old photos before you can carry on taking more picture s- meanwhile you missed an opportunity for that perfect photograph. Grrr.  Always bring a backup SD card or micro SD card for your devices to make sure this never happens.

  3. Prescriptions/Medication

    If you are on prescription medication it can be awful if you are left without it and often difficult to get more medication from a local doctor at your destination.  It’s definitely hassle that is best avoided.

  4. Brush/Comb

    One of the top 10 most forgotten items.  If you suffer from ‘morning hair’ you will be sorry if you forget this item!

  5. Toothbrush

    This is one of the most forgotten items but usually fairly easy to find a replacement.

  6. Travel Adapter

    How many times have you forgotten a travel adapter?! Sometimes you can be lucky enough that the hotel has a spare but this is seldom the case.  Trying to find one at your destination is often near impossible! If you get an adapter make sure you get a multi travel adapter that is suitable for practically every country.

  7. Cash

    Where possible it’s good to have at least some cash in local currency for when you arrive in case there is an issue with the ATM, or there is no ATM at arrivals.  Having enough for a drink and a taxi to the hotel can save you a lot of bother in case there are unforeseen mishaps.

  8. International SIM card

    One of the most complained about thing when it comes to travelling is staying in connected affordably.  Grab an international SIM card in order to receive calls for free in most countries and reduce your roaming charges by up to 95%.

  9. Corkscrew/Bottle Opener

    This one is only for the drinkers amongst you.  Having a bottle of wine on the balcony watching the sunset is only possible if you have a corkscrew.  Handy to have.

  10. Phone Charger

    Another popular item that is often forgotten – this one however is much harder to find if you have to purchase a new one when you arrive at your destination.

  11. Something Warm

    Even if you are heading to a summer destination, air con on busses, the plane and at airports can be freezing so it’s always a smart idea to take something that you can wrap up in if you need to.

  12. Portable power

    Batteries seem to die quicker while travelling, probably due to the additional use of the camera, travel apps and GPS.  Having a portable powerbank that can charge your phone, tablet, iPad or camera while you are wondering around can be a life saver.  Especially if you are lost and can’t remember the name of the hotel!

  13. Copies of Travel Documents

    Most of our booking info is on our smartphones these days, if anything happens to your phone you could be left without it.  Having a backup copy of travel documents and passports can ensure you have a smoother experience if something should happen to either your passport or phone.

  14. Underwater Camera

    Whether you are snorkeling, diving or just enjoying the sea, you can get some epic photos with an underwater action camera.

  15. Sunglasses

    Although pretty easy to replace, a summer vacation without sunglasses when you need them isn’t a great start to a trip.

  16. Plasters

    They don’t take up much space and not having one when you need one can be messy!

  17. Snacks

    Plane food is hit or miss, sometimes it’s surprisingly good, other times its unidentifiable and almost definitely inedible.  Play it safe and take snacks.

  18. Ziplock Bags

    These versatile little god-sends are handy for so many things: wet swimwear, snacks, toiletries – you can even put your smart phone inside and use as an underwater camera case!

Tip: You can leave many of these items in your suitcase while you are not using it, that way every time you get your suitcase out for a trip, all your ‘can’t forget’ items are already in there and you don’t have to search the house looking for everything.


In the rush of travel excitement, essential items can easily slip our minds. However, a little foresight can prevent big headaches. By remembering often-overlooked necessities like padlocks, chargers, and medication, we can ensure smoother journeys. These small additions to our packing lists can make a significant difference in our comfort and preparedness. So, before embarking on your next adventure, double-check this list to guarantee a stress-free trip. With these essentials in tow, you're ready to embrace the excitement of travel without the worry of forgotten items. Happy travels and may your journeys be filled with unforgettable moments!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I ensure I don't forget important items when travelling?

Create a checklist tailored to your destination and needs, and double-check it before leaving.

2. What travel necessities should I include in my packing list?

Key items to pack include travel documents, money, medications, toiletries, electronics, clothing, and emergency supplies.

3. What are some commonly forgotten travel items?

Frequently overlooked items include padlocks, chargers, toiletries, travel adapters, and first aid kits.

4. What items should I prioritise when packing for a trip?

Start with necessities like travel documents, medications, and money, then add clothing, toiletries, electronics, and comfort items.

5. What travel supplies should I make sure to have on hand?

Essential travel supplies include travel locks, adapters, power banks, first aid kits, and reusable bags.