Everything You Need to Know About International Data Bundles

It’s pretty difficult to estimate the amount of data you will use when you travel which can make deciding on a solution quite tricky; we surf the web differently when we travel as we often use more WiFi and switch our data roaming off due to the high costs of using data abroad.  Therefore we don’t use anywhere near as much data as we do at home as we know that would most likely cost a fortune! 


International data bundles

For this reason, we have introduced data bundles for many different countries. These bundles give you peace of mind that you can use a lot of data without having to worry about a shocking data roaming bill. You can’t over spend and you can keep track of how much data you are using.

Where are data bundles available for?
You can get from 100MB up to 1GB of data in a bundle for the below places:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Asia
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Global – for those that don’t like to stay in one place!


How do I add a bundle?
You can add a bundle to any WorldSIM SIM card (except really old ones but we can upgrade you).  Simply visit the bundles' tab on the top up page if you already have a WorldSIM SIM card.  If you don't have a SIM you can get a free data SIM and just pay for the bundle.  For bundles on international SIM cards and UK SIM cards, you need to order a SIM before you can add bundles. 

How do I activate a bundle?
Just log in to My Account and click on the My Bundles tab.  You will see the bundles you have purchased.  Simply click 'Activate' when you are ready to start using your bundle.

If you get an error message when you try and add a bundle top up
This means you have an old data SIM so you will need to upgrade to the new one (it's free).  Please just follow the instructions above and when your SIM arrives, call us or speak to us on Live Chat and we will transfer any remaining balance from your old data SIM to the new one.  You can set the start date for the bundle in My Account.

Will the bundle use my pay as you go credit?
You can add pay as you go credit and bundles to your WorldSIM SIM.  If you have activated a bundle and are in a country where your bundle is applicable, then we will always use the bundle credit.  If the bundle expires and you have pay as you go credit we will then start using that.

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How much can I save?
A lot! Bundles are much cheaper than pay as you go, for example, 1 GB of USA data on pay as you go on the data SIM would cost £235, a bundle would be just £53!

Can I purchase a bundle using my existing credit?

Yes.  If you go to the bundle tab on the top up page and select the bundle you want, you will see near the Add to basket button there is an option to dial a number.  The number will be something like 99901.

Are bundles available on the WorldSIM international or UK SIM?

Yes, you can add a bundle to all our SIM cards. Currently, we just have data bundles though so if you have a UK SIM or International SIM you need to make sure you also have some pay as you go credit on the SIM so you can still make and receive calls.

How long to data bundles last?
Currently, you can select the length of time you need for a bundle.  We offer 100MB that is valid for 3 days, 200MB that will last 7 days, 500MB that will last for up to 14 days and 1GB of data that will remain active for 30 days after activation.  If you use all of the data in your data bundle before the end of your bundle you can add another bundle if you need one.  If you have not used all of your data by the time your bundle has expired you will lose this data.

Do I have to manually select a network for my bundle?

Bundles work with preferred networks only.  You must always check that you are using the preferred network. If you are not connected to our preferred networks your pay as you go credit will be used and if you don’t have the credit you won't be able to use your bundle unless you manually select the preferred network. View preferred networks here.

See all the international bundles we offer and the prices.

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