19 Reasons you need a global WiFi pass when you travel

Staying connected while travelling can often be challenging as you can’t always use your phone or tablet like you do at home.  Streaming is too expensive, you can’t answer your phone as you know it will cost you a fortune and you can’t get online when you want as you know there will be an obscene data roaming bill waiting for you when you get home. 

Global WiFi pass connections

If you have ever encountered connectivity issues while travelling internationally, premium global access might be right up your street.  Here are 19 reasons you need one when you travel….

  1. You can check Facebook and emails on 2,700 international flights, while you are flying (how cool is that!)
  2. You never have to enter a WiFi password as you will be connected automatically via an app
  3. You can stay connected without roaming charges as you can use apps like Skype and What’sApp over WiFi
  4. You will have access to unlimited WiFi in 3000 airports so you will never be bored waiting around again
  5. You get WiFi speeds up to 3 times faster than 3G
  6. You can stream movies and music and not have to worry about the costs
  7. You can get online easily when you travel with absolutely no fuss
  8. All your data will be kept safe over a secure connection
  9. You get WiFi access on 800 trains
  10. You don’t have to solely rely on hotel and café WiFi to do all your downloading
  11. You can find WiFi hotspots in over 120 countries
  12. You can stay productive while you travel as you can use the app to locate the nearest WiFi hotspot so you can check your emails and browse the internet
  13. There’s no need to look for a free hotspot or enter credentials in order to connect
  14. You can get up to 6 months free access with an international SIM card
  15. You will have access to 57 million worldwide WiFi hotspots
  16. Its available on iphones, mac, windows and android
  17. You can upload your holiday photos to Facebook while you are travelling without getting a ridiculously expensive roaming bill
  18. Currently you get global WiFi access on 3 devices for the price of one
  19. You can get access to our global WiFi app now and be browsing the internet in less than 2 minutes time


If you want to stay connected practically everywhere, grab a WorldSIM international SIM card – that way when WiFi isn’t available you can still get online, make calls and send text messages affordably (you get up to 6 months free global WiFi access with all SIM cards sold with over £30/$45 credit)  Find out more…


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