Holiday Inspiration - 7 Places Not On Your Radar

Looking for a bit of inspiration for where to go on your next holiday?  Forgot the popular tourist destinations and get off the beaten track to remind yourself what traveling is really about!  Here are 7 places that aren’t on your radar – but should be!....

Kyushu Island, Japan
Japan has a lot offer when it comes to sights and impressive landscapes but nothing comes any more unusual than the nine hells off Beppu on the island of Kyushu. Here are some of the most unique springs found in Japan. Consisting of over 2800 springs, some are hot enough to boil eggs whilst some have boiling gray mud and there is a stream that can pull 1.5 train cars. Japan has lots to offer but the nine hells of Beppu have to be seen to be believed.

Costa Verde, Costa Rica
Costa Rica, with its pacific shoreline, has some stunning beaches but head to Costa Verde for once of the strangest hotels ever seen. The 727 fuselage home, is a unique hotel made out of a Boeing 727 plane. The hotel is located in the lush coastal rainforest with access to the Manuel Antonio National Park. If you are after relaxed beaches then this is the place, but if you prefer hiking and adventure then why not follow some of the trails through the national park to experience the landscape and wildlife.

Kaiserslautern, Germany
Life in prison is not one that anyone would want to experience but head to Kaiserslautern in Germany and you can experience what it would have been like to be a prisoner thanks to the Alcatraz Hotel. The German prison has been converted into 56 hotel rooms and thankfully it is more comfortable than in its previous years. Kaiserslautern offers traditional German food and architecture that is off the radar when compared to the usual German tourist spots and historic castles offer even more history.

Greenland is not your usual holiday destination but the Igloo village offers visitors the chance to live with the Inuit whilst experiencing the wildlife and surrounding scenery. Frozen Fjords, traveling by dog sled and visiting deserted villages are all things that can be done. This place is very cold but is also completely different from the usual snowy holiday destination that you would visit during the winter months.

Idaho, USA
Central Idaho may be a place that many may not have considered visiting before but it has a lot to offer those who are looking for somewhere a little different. The landscape is unique and rugged thanks to the work of lava. The National Monument and Preserve is a strange place and visitors are drawn to the lava tubes which have created underground caves that can be entered and explored. For those who want that extra element of adventure then why not hike to those places where most people cannot reach.


Sanqinshan, China
Sanqinshan in China is a place that is shrouded in mystery and lots of mist! Taoists believe that leads to immortality which is why they have used it for meditation for thousands of years. The mountains are covered in mist and the granite formations resemble animals and humans whilst the trees form odd shapes.  The wildlife here is rare thanks to its unique pools and vegetation. A place of amazing beauty and stunning scenery, this is one place that many people have never heard of.

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