How to Travel for free and cut costs on international roaming

Travelling around the world doesn’t really have to cost you anything. Not a believer? Well, then continue reading this article as we show you ways, with a bit of planning, you can travel without spending a penny! Well, if not for free, then for very cheap.

Volunteer Abroad



Volunteering overseas is a great way to travel while using your time and expertise to help a community in need. Not only do you get the opportunity to provide positive benefits to the host community, you also get the chance of developing your intercultural and professional skills.

There are many volunteer organizations that will allow you to travel to the country of your choice and pay you for it. They may also help you out with room and board, and flights. Some of the companies will ask for fee to cover costs, but most are not-for-profit businesses. 

Volunteer opportunities are available on websites such as and free Volunteering or Helpstay or Vsointernational.

Work on a cruise ship
Working on a cruise line in exchange for free travel and getting paid for it is an ideal way to see different parts of the world between your shifts.

If you consider yourself a people person, can endure long periods at sea, are able to commit to work long hours and can contribute your skills on a cruise or yacht as a handyman, steward, cooking staff, entertainer or event manager, you might be able to get a job on a ship crew. There are lots of different cruise crew jobs listings available on cruise ships online websites such as or
Teach English Abroad
Teaching English abroad is a great way to travel the world and make money or cover your expenses at the same time. If you have an interest in Teaching and have completed a TEFL or TESOL certification, you can travel to just about any country to teach English for several weeks at a time. In exchange, you will get free room and housing and sometimes free airfare, along with a stipend for spending.

Becoming an English teacher overseas, allows you to spend an extended period of time in a location and learn what it feels like to actually live there, rather than just visiting as a tourist.

There are various companies who offer such opportunities. For example English First is an international education company which offers free flights to teach in China and Footprints recruiting is an agency who recruits English speaking certified teachers and place them teaching positions worldwide.

Organize a group tour



One sneaky and unconventional way to get a free vacation is to plan a group tour for a group of your friends or family. Most travel operators will offer a discount or free travel if you act as a group leader. Responsibilities would include organizing who will be going, where they will be going, and when.

The rules can change depending on the type of company, YMT Vacations for example will give you a free vacation if you enlist 12 people to take a trip with them. If eight of the guests book their flight through YMT, your airfare is free. Other companies who offer free trips to group leaders include Grand Circle, Cruise Line, Select International Tours, All Abroad Travel and Merit Group Travel.

Become a travel blogger
Becoming travel blogger allows you to see and travel the world and write and share your experiences on your own platform. Blogging is an excellent way to travel the world and get paid at the same time. A blog can be a creative outlet and offer a way to express yourself and your thoughts.

Successful bloggers often get to enjoy perks such as free invitations to fully paid expensed press trips all over the world, brand sponsorships, complimentary clothes/gifts, and more. Although, there would be a lot of work involved with gaining momentum for your blog, this job could be ideal for you if have a passion for travel and writing.

Make the most of loyalty rewards 
Another clever way to travel for free is by utilising the spending you might already be doing at home. Building up loyalty points with bank accounts, Store Loyalty schemes, cash back websites and credit or debit cards is a great way to travel for free. By grabbing a card that offers points for every purchase, you will always make your spending work for you. After some time saving, you may end up with options on how to spend these with lots offering flights, accommodation and vouchers for well-known restaurants and experiences.

Take a hard-core challenge
If you are adventurous and the type of person who welcomes the challenge of climbing to Everest Base Camp to raise money for a charity, this one could be ideal for you.

Trends in travel has seen some companies helping you organize the challenge of your choice or helping you to join an existing expedition all in the name of charity. You do the climb or another adventure, raise the sponsors, they take care of the rest. Websites who offer this type of challenge include Global Adventure Challenges (, Across the Divide ( or Charity Treks (
Get a job at an airline



Using your place of work as a means of travel is a great way to travel for free. Airline employees for example  will often board a plane in order to give services to the passengers on board, while this is their main job, they also have an opportunity to take glances and occasionally visit their destination. While you do your job, you get to travel to wherever the plane is going.

Even if your stay in that destination is for a short period of time, you will still have time to see some of the most popular tourist sports in the area. Flight attendants have one of the best opportunities to travel around the world.
International SIM card
If you get the opportunity to travel overseas for free, there are many things you will have to plan and consider before you go, which will make your trip while you are there easier. Apart from deciding on what travel accessories and travel gadgets to pack, another important factor to consider should be how you would reduce roaming costs when you try to communicate with friends and family. One solution would be to purchase a prepaid international SIM card such as a 4G WorldSIM international SIM CARD. Not only will you reduce your roaming charges by up to 95% but you also get free incoming calls in over 95 countries, and coverage in 200 countries.