International Roaming Charges Comparison

Do you use your phone like at home when you travel internationally?  Unlikely.  Travellers often rely on free Wi-Fi while travelling, don’t answer calls and hold back on using data when there is no free Wi-Fi available.  By simply travelling smarter, you can use your phone when you travel without the worry of extortionate roaming charges.   Check out the below comparisons to see how much you can save on your international roaming when you travel.

International roaming charges in USA
You can reduce the cost of using your phone when you travel to USA by as much as 85%.  We have compared the biggest UK mobile networks rates to show you how much you can save…

International roaming charges in Europe

Although roaming rates in Europe have dropped over the last year due to EU regulations, you can still reduce your international roaming charges by as much as 72%

International roaming charges in Australia
You can save over 70% on your roaming fees when you visit Australia.

Please note: All rates were taken directly from mobile networks websites on 27th March 2015.  As we are a pay as you go solution we have compared pay as you go rates for all operators.

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