The Cost of Using Your Phone in India

Every time you go on holiday you have no idea how much you might need to use your phone.  Often you might not plan to use it at all - but then things don’t always go to plan!  To help you get a better idea of how much you might spend using your mobile phone in India, below details the spend of one of our customer’s recent trips to Goa, India.

Our customer used her Travel SIM card the whole time she was traveling.  The trip duration was 8 days.  If you are travelling to India, you should manually select the IDEA network on your WorldSIM to get the lowest rates.  See how to do this.

During her trip this customer used:
59 SMS messages = $21.24
2 Outgoing calls = $1.20
6 Incoming calls (25 min) - Free
122 Data sessions ( 47MB) = $53.54

“My data sessions were fairly short, just a quick check on Facebook or reading an email.  I kept my data roaming off and just turned it on when I wanted to update my social channels and get online.  A couple of times I forgot to turn off data roaming and didn’t realize for most of the day but luckily it wasn’t expensive!  The network worked fine and I got service everywhere I went. “

The saving
Using her regular SIM would have cost just over $162 but with her WorldSIM SIM, it cost $74.98… less than half price.


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