21 Reasons You Need Internet On The Go When You Travel

In our home countries we have the convenience of having internet access wherever we are, there are only a few times when we are forced to be without it (underground, in some remote country areas and when our partner/kids ban us), but when we travel abroad this changes completely.  Instead we become slaves to free WiFi which is often slow, unsecure, hard to find or non-existent.  That’s why everyone needs internet on the go when they travel. 

 Internet on the go when you travel


What is internet on the go?  It’s having the ability to get online wherever you are, no matter what country.  You can do this with the use of a portable WiFi router, also known as a portable WiFi hotspot (find out more portable WiFi routers).  Here are 21 reasons why you need portable internet when you travel internationally….

  1. You can wave goodbye to data roaming charges forever
  2. You can get online anywhere in the world
  3. You have low cost portable WiFi in your pocket, wherever you go
  4. Unlocked portable WiFi routers enable you to use any SIM card inside so you can always get the best data rates when you travel
  5. When there is no free Wi-Fi when you are on holiday or travelling on business you can get online without having to worry about extortionate roaming rates
  6. You can benefit from 4G+ download speeds of up to 300mbps
  7. Access the internet on up to 15 devices simultaneously
  8. Control the roaming charges of your family or business teams by using a pay as you go data SIM inside the device
  9. You can get a portable WiFi router with a built in powerbank so you can change your devices while you are out and about
  10. It fits in your pocket so you can carry it with you easily when you travel
  11. You can use it to get internet in the car on long journeys to keep the kids entertained
  12. You don’t have to suffer with painfully slow WiFi speeds that some free WiFi locations make you suffer with
  13. You can reduce your roaming charges by up to 95%
  14. You can search the internet to find a nice restaurant to eat at or to check your navigation if you get lost without having to run around to find a WiFi hotspot or pay extortionate roaming charges
  15. You don’t ever have to worry about getting an excessive roaming bill again
  16. You can insert a micro SD card and access your files wirelessly
  17. Get internet access on phones, games consoles, tablets, iPads, laptops and any other WiFi enabled devices
  18. You only need a portable WiFi device and one data SIM for you and your partner/family/business associates rather than all having a separate data SIM for your tablets, in each different country
  19. You can upload your holiday snaps to Facebook, anywhere, without it costing a fortune
  20. You can be more productive as you have internet access whenever you are waiting around
  21. You can get one from £20/$30!


These little travel gadgets are easy to use and handy to have as a back-up solution so you can have the peace of mind that you can get online when you need to.  Check out this portable WiFi buying guide so you can decide what features you do and don’t need (knowing this this could save you quite a lot of money).