How To Be A Know-It-All

We have been working hard to make sure you have all the information you need – when you need it.  Whether it’s a quick question or you have an emergency, we want to ensure that you always get assistance quickly, so we have now put a few new things into action so you can always get help immediately.


Be your own know-it-all
If you have a question, a billing query or are experiencing loss of service the Self Service Hub can resolve about 90% of inquiries in a matter of a few clicks.  Just login and select the Self Service Hub tab.  You can select from a menu or common queries, or use the search facility.  This is the same knowledge base customer services use.... knowledge is power (...try not to let it go to your head!)

Failing that, ask another know-it-all

We have listened to your feedback and dramatically expanded our customer service department.  All employees, new and old, have been on intensive training courses and can now be classified as supreme know-it-alls!  You can either give customer services a call or login to submit a support ticket (the majority of support tickets will be resolved within 1 hour).

Watch and learn
We have been creating a series of How To videos that explains how to use your SIM, common errors people make, troubleshooting and how to get the lowest possible rates.  There will be plenty more videos coming so if you have any suggestions let us know!