10 Travel Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

You don't have to spend a fortune on travel gadgets for your next trip; there are many gadgets that aren't an extravagant cost and make a big impact on your travels.  Here are 10 must have travel gadgets that will improve your next trip aboard...

Olympus TG-2 digital compact camera
This camera is waterproof, freezeproof and virtually indestructible. With lots of great features such as slow motion playback, microscopic zoom and GPS, and with fantastic image quality and HD filming, it's perfect to take anywhere.
Main features: 12 megapixels, 4x optical zoom, 1:2.0 lens, 240fps video recording.
Price: £215.00


Should you get stranded, the Lifestraw could be your saviour. Find yourself a water source, from a lake to a muddy puddle and get drinking!
Main features: Filters up to 100 litres of water, removes 99.999% of bacteria.
Price: £29.99

iPad Mini
Compact and travel-sized, there isn't a lot the iPad Mini can't do. With thousands of apps from flight tracking, offline maps, world clocks, currency conversions, books, translators, photography, word processors and much more, it's a great alternative to taking a heavy laptop. Add a data Sim card to make sure you can use the internet wherever you go.
Main features: 7.9inch display, available with 16MB, 32MB or 64MB storage.
Price: £249.00

Colgate Wisp waterless toothbrush
You can now brush your teeth from the comfort of your airplane seat. The Wisp contains a bead that releases liquid to freshen your mouth as you brush, meaning there is no need to bring toothpaste or use water.
Main features: Single-use, contains brush and toothpick.
Price: £1.44 (for a pack of 4)


Dating Roaming USB
You'll never be without an internet connection with this pre-paid data roaming USB. Low prices and a reliable connection, this is perfect for anyone traveling on business or wanting to stay connected with a home when they are away.
Main features: Web access in over 135 countries, supports all Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.
Price: £79.99 (Including £20 credit)


Bose Quietcomfort Noise Cancelling Headphones
Get rid of that annoying plane noise with these discrete headphones. There are cheaper alternatives on the market, but these will produce some of the best quality sounds you can get from an in-ear headphone.
Main features: Advanced noise reduction, “aware mode” to let in some outside noise, rechargeable battery.
Price: £259.95

Fuel: The Worlds Smallest Phone Charger
This compact, light-weight phone charger is perfect for any emergencies, providing you with enough charge for a few more phone calls. Pop it in your bag for those times when your phone runs out faster than you'd expected.
Main features: Provides 30 minutes talk time or a couple of hours standby time, measures 3.3cm x 2.3cm x 1.3cm.
Price: £24.99


Re-timer sleep glasses
Whether you're 1 hour behind or 8 hours ahead, almost everyone will at some time experience the confusion and tiredness that jet lag can cause. These glasses will reset your internal clock and sort out your holiday sleeping pattern.
Main features: Emits a soft green light that helps to adjust waking times, one size fits all, comes with carrying case.
Price: £199 (30-day money-back guarantee)

Scrubba Bag
The Scrubba Bag is your very own portable washing machine. Rub the “scrubba nobules” together to give yourself a machine quality wash within minutes. Ideal for backpackers, helping you save money on expensive washes when traveling, and can double as a wash bag.
Main features: Weights less than 180g, folds to pocket size, takes 3 minutes to wash.
Price: £39.10


Orbizz Dual SIM Smart Phone
The Orbizz fits two SIM cards so you can use your regular SIM card as well as your travel SIM card or work SIM while you travel and it works worldwide. The Orbizz operates on Android 4.2.2 software so you can downloads loads of great travel apps for your trip, plus it gives you free roaming in almost 100 countries, cheap calls, and cheap data worldwide.
Main features:  2 cameras, GSM Quad-band & 3G, use as a Mi-Fi device, dual SIM phone, unlocked, dual-core processor. 

Price: £179.99 (Including £20 credit)


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