Top Bluetooth devices to enhance your luxury travel experience

Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity technology that has been around for many years. It allows you to connect, interact, and sync to multiple devices, without the need of setting up complex networks and passwords and risk of wires getting tangled. Bluetooth is everywhere these days, from mobile phones to laptops, and even car stereos. You may use it in different situations such as to download photos from a digital camera to a PC, to hook up a wireless mouse to a laptop, to link a hands-free headset to your cellphone so you can talk and drive safely at the same time, it supports a wide range of various devices, and can be set up in just a few minutes.

Read on to learn more about some of the latest Bluetooth travel gadgets to take and upgrade your travel experience…


Bluetooth enabled noise cancelling earphones

A great pair of headphones to take is an important factor to consider when travelling abroad, in order to help make the travel experience more enjoyable. When you choose Bluetooth headphones you don’t need to worry about wires being tangled up. For people who regularly travel on airplanes, there is a strong need to block out the outside noise during certain times such as when they want to sleep in the plane. These people filled environments can be noisy and very distracting, particularly when combined with the noise produced by the plane itself. That is where noise cancelling headphones comes in the picture.

WorldSIM Noise cancelling earphones is a stylish bit of travel tech that blocks out the majority of external sounds and helps you experience a more tranquil and peaceful journey while travelling. It allows you to answer and end calls or play music at the press of a button, which is located on the side of the headphones earpiece and to connect to any smartphone or Bluetooth enabled device. The clear sound of this travel gadget will block out any crying babies or loud talkers on the plane. This travel tech is also compact, comes in an ultra mini lightweight design and is easy to carry. You get to benefit from listening to continuous music playing or talk time for up to 18 hours until you need to recharge. It also has up to 400 hours on standby.






Fitness trackers

WorldSIM Mi fitness band is a travel tech accessory that is lightweight and packed full of fabulous features such as a built in heart rate monitor, pedometer, an inbuilt remote camera, an anti-lost function, calorie tracker and sleep monitor. These cool features will help you stay on track of your fitness while abroad. You can also sync this tracker with your phone so you can be notified when you receive calls, emails and SMS messages. It helps you balance out the need to disconnect from technology and stay connected to family and friends while you are away.



This travel tech is great travel companion to take on your trip. You can listen to your favorite tunes anywhere such as in your hotel room, when you are enjoying a picnic, or simply while relaxing on the beach or even going hiking. With Bluetooth technology devices there is no worry or hassle about cords being attached or tangled to your smart phone or finding an outlet for power.  


If you want to ‘take it up a notch’, instead of a normal speaker you can always invest in a waterproof speaker such as WorldSIM’s Bluetooth speaker. This handy travel tech is small enough to easily fit in your luggage and can be played at places like the swimming pool, on a boat ride or in the shower. It is also equipped with the right technology and construction required to deliver clear audio sounds. It also has an in built high quality microphone which allows you to answer incoming phone calls without touching your phone.


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