How To Be The Most Comfortable Person On A Plane

Whether it’s a snappy short hauler across the European continent, or a lengthy trans-polar jaunt to some far-flung destination with stopovers to boot, staying comfy for the duration of a flight is a challenge every regular traveler knows all too well. That’s why we’ve put together this selection of top tips, to help any prospective fliers keep themselves fresh for the landing and raring to go on arrival.

It’s all about the preparation
Many airlines now allow passengers to opt for specific seat reservations for a little extra charge, and while this may seem like an unnecessary addition to the price of your ticket, it can go a long way towards ensuring a comfortable flight. This needs to be done before you even board the plane, and is particularly important when traveling on smaller short-haul routes, where the available legroom can get really tight.

Pack plenty of creature comforts
Be sure to arrive in the cabin prepared; armed with one of those nifty neck pillows, a blindfold (just in case it doesn’t come complimentary on your carrier), a good selection of soothing music and something to keep you entertained. All things that will pass the time and help you relax after take-off.

Wear the right clothes
Forget fashion for once and go baggy and loose because light and airy garments are definitely the way to go for a comfy flight. Think about the temperatures in your departure country and your destination country to make sure you won’t be too cold or too hot.  Wear layers as some planes are freezing and others have seriously tropical temperatures on-board! 

Bring some toiletries
Even the more stringent rules allow for gels and creams of up to 100ml in size, which is great news for those who’d like to freshen up mid-flight by cleaning their teeth or splashing some soap on their face.

Don’t neglect your exercises
For fliers making longer trips, it’s really important to move around regularly, whether by simply standing up and doing some ad-hoc yoga stretches or taking a stroll up and down the aircraft. This should help keep your muscles fresh and feeling and prevent any serious conditions like blood clots from developing.

Take a picnic
If you’re not a huge fan of airline food or haven’t opted for a carrier with complimentary grub, then be sure to take along your own selection of snacks. Then you can sit there munching away on your favorite sandwiches, while your unfortunate neighbor gulps their way through some gloopy porridge, courtesy of Can’t Cook Air!

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