What to Pack for Multi Destination Trips

If you have a multi-destination travel plan approaching; whether you are backpacking, flashpacking, camping, glamping or suitcasing, the trick is to pack light.  Lugging big heavy bags and suitcases around when arriving and leaving each destination will slowly drive you insane - plus exceeding baggage allowances in every destination you arrive at will cost you dearly!



Here’s how to pack light:

  • How heavy is your backpack/suitcase without anything in it?  There are lightweight options that are just as durable and practical and could save you carrying a few killos.
  • Take e-books instead of real books
  • Forget the camera  just use your phone
  • Leave the compass, maps, guide book and torch at home – there are apps for these
  • Toiletries are heavy so buy small travel size items or small refillable bottles and only take what you really need
  • Plan your outfits so you know you have something for all occasions, this way you won’t over pack – when was the last time you actually wore everything that you took on holiday?
  • Take a tablet instead of your laptop


Before you leave

  • Will you be accessing the internet while you are away?  Have you checked the cost with your mobile provider?  Data roaming is generally very expensive so check to see if your accommodation has wifi.  Download some offline travel apps before you leave so you don’t waste your data (maps, translators, etc).  Your phone will automatically update (if it’s a smart phone) so you should turn your data roaming off to ensure you don’t get a massive bill.
  • You could set up a blog to keep friends and family updated on all your travels, this will also remind you of all the amazing places that you visited.
  • Have several bank cards and keep them in different places – if anything happens to your only bank card you will be stuck!
  • Will you be making and receiving calls while you are away?  Receiving calls while you are out of your country of residence will cost you money if you don’t have a WorldSIM card – make sure you are aware of the costs before you travel.

You might want to take some creature comforts with you, check out these cool travel gadgets!