How to Avoid Data Roaming Charges on a Cruise

Being on a cruise ship and having the time of your life doesn't mean you have to be cut off from the rest of the world. Everybody has some kind of need to stay connected while on a cruise ship.


If you plan to use your mobile phone on a cruise ship, it is important to know that once you sail away, your phone will go into roaming mode, which means you get higher rates and extra fees.

When you're in port, your mobile signal will typically switch to a carrier from the country or island you're visiting. Roaming charges in these areas vary but are usually very pricey. 

Apart from turning off data roaming, there are many other ways to reduce international roaming costs such as turning off your data roaming.  While it’s impossible to avoid roaming charges altogether, here are the main cheapest ways to use your mobile phone while you are away at sea, in order to avoid high roaming costs:




Check what your mobile phone provider offers

Most wireless providers have a cruise ship plan with lower rates than regular roaming rates. Some may even include cheap international calls. You can contact your provider to sign up for the plan before you depart.

Wireless carriers offer data, messaging, and calling plans for cruise ships that are similar to on-land packages, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. You may also want to check your carrier’s website to ensure that you can even use your smartphone overseas.

Download Ship Mate

To avoid wasting time and money it is best to download any cruise friendly apps before you leave for your cruise holiday.

Ship Mate is a brilliant mobile cruise apps that gives users access to reviews, tips, roll calls, cruise countdowns and more. The best part is that many of its features can be used offline. Once you punch in your sailing information, you can find your way around the ship with deck plans, learn about all the onboard entertainment and dining, and even get details about the ports you'll be visiting, all without using a single byte of data or racking up roaming charges.


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Think about purchasing a Wi-Fi package onboard

If you only need the Internet for your smartphone, another option would be to turn off the phone’s data usage and roaming so that your phone will only connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi. But you would have to be careful when traveling via ship as automatic data syncing and third party apps running in the background can boost up enormous data roaming.


Consider buying a prepaid International SIM card

One way to avoid headaches such as hefty cruise ship Wi-Fi costs or forgetting to switch on airplane mode when going on a cruise would be to get an international sim card.

According to latest review WorldSIM International SIM Card, is the perfect solution for reducing your data roaming costs while trying to connect with family and friends overseas.

When travelling on a cruise ship, taking full advantage of this highly cost-effective alternative can save a lot of money on roaming, especially high international rates.

Plus you get coverage in 200 countries, free incoming calls in over 95 countries, and low cost calls, data & SMS worldwide, which will automatically reduce your roaming fees by up to 95%

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Stay connected without breaking the bank on your cruise adventure. Whether you opt for a cruise ship plan, download cruise-friendly apps, or invest in an international SIM card, these cost-effective solutions will keep you connected without the worry of high roaming charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I avoid high roaming charges on a cruise ship?

To avoid high roaming charges, consider checking and signing up for a cruise ship plan offered by your mobile phone provider, downloading cruise-friendly apps offline, or using a prepaid international SIM card.

2. Can I use cruise ship Wi-Fi without incurring high costs?

Yes, consider purchasing a Wi-Fi package onboard and turning off your phone’s data usage and roaming to connect only to the ship’s Wi-Fi.

3. Are there any additional travel gadgets to enhance my cruise experience?

Yes, explore travel gadgets such as power banks, action cameras, selfie sticks, and the WorldSIM Mi fitness band available to make your cruise journey smoother and stress-free.