How to Save Over $943 On Your Next Visit to USA

Ah USA, the land of National Parks, delicious junk food, massive cities and natural wonders! With so much to see and do in the US, costs can start piling up, to help you  free up more money for enjoying yourself, here are some handy  tips to slash the cost of your trip…

Care Hire
If you are planning on booking car hire, make sure that it is arranged in plenty of time ahead. Many people leave booking car hire to the last minute, however, research has shown that by arranging it in advance it is possible to save up to $37 a day on car hire.

Eating Out

If you intend eating out a lot while you are staying overseas then take advantage of the many different sites that offer discounts on meals out. is a good example of a website that allows people to make significant savings on eating out. For just $4.75 it is possible to buy a gift certificate worth $25, and achieve a saving of $21.35.

Control Roaming costs

Unmanaged roaming charges often cost more that flights! Travel SIM cards have become one of the modern day travel essentials if you want to avoid getting a large bill for data roaming charges or making and receiving calls.  A travel SIM or data roaming SIM can reduce your roaming bill by up to 85%.  With the average traveler spending $197 per trip you can save up to $158.


Buying a travel pass is an excellent way to save money. For instance, if you were traveling to New York and you intend seeing some of the best-known tourist attractions then a travel pass to see all 10 of the city’s biggest attractions would save you at least $300.

Changing your departure date can help save hundreds of dollars off your travel bill. What some people do not realize is the cost of long-haul flights will be determined by your planned departure date; by changing your leaving day you could save $300 on the flight.


While it can be tempting to travel to overseas without travel insurance, it isn’t a good idea. By using one of the many online comparison sites it is possible to save a considerable amount on travel insurance; by doing some research you could save approximately $57 on some travel insurance policies.  


Baggage fees can often add extra money to your visits overseas. However, if you book ahead you can save a significant amount on these fees.  For instance, some airlines will only charge $30 baggage fees if you book in advance, however, it would cost $45 at the airport or $100 at the baggage gate, making a saving of $15-70.00

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