18 Travel Secrets from Smart Travellers

For some people going travelling is a once in a life-time opportunity, but for others they’re bitten by the travelling bug early and don’t stop globetrotting throughout their lives. Here are some travel secrets which will help make your travels even more special....


  1. Pack a long strip of duct tape
    Have you ever had your sunglasses snap or the strap of your bag break? Having some duct tape will help repair these items in no time and stop any disasters.

  2. Pack a reusable water bottle (preferably one that collapses)
    You’ll need water everywhere you go and in some cities and countries buying bottled water can be very expensive.

  3. Check if the drinking water is safe to drink
    In some countries you cannot (or shouldn’t) drink the tap water. Bear this in mind when having drinks with ice. And when you’re washing your teeth use bottled water.

  4. Pack dryer sheets in your suitcase
    They take up no space but will leave your suitcase smelling fresh and it can easily separate your clean from dirty clothes.

  5. Put all your separate chargers in ziplock bags
    It’s always such a pain when wires and chargers get tangled in your case so separate them out by putting each one in a ziplock bag.

  6. Take a ziplock bag so you can use your phone underwater
    Obviously you’re going to want a decent quality ziplock bag but whether you’re splashing around in the pool or taking a dip in the sea you can keep your phone protected to take those special photos.


  7.  Keep a spare fake wallet
    Space permitting keep a spare wallet and stuff it with papers and small bills, and some of those fake credit cards you get in new purses. If the unfortunate happens and you are mugged you have something to hand over before you run.

  8. Get cheap worldwide data
    By inserting either a local SIM card or a worldwide SIM card into a WiFi hotspot so you can get online on all your devices, anywhere in the world.  Some even have extra functions like also being a powerbank to charge your gadgets!
  9. Pack a spare outfit in your hand luggage
    None of us want to think about our check in luggage going missing but it does happen. Pack a light wear change of clothes in your hand luggage just in case it happens to be yours.

  10. Place a plastic bag under the screw caps of any bottles
    The last thing you want is for your shampoo or shower gel to leak all over your clothing, especially if you’ve quickly packed up to travel from one place to another. Pop a plastic bag in the screw cap before doing it up to prevent any disasters.

  11. Be careful when you take constipation medication
    If you’ve travelled around India and the surrounding areas it’s highly likely that at some point on your travels you’ll get constipated. Really think about when you take your medication, you might not want to be rushing to the loo on a long train journey between locations.

  12. Pack a lightweight scarf
    This multi-functional item will become your best friend when you’re travelling - especially around the middle east. You can use it as an eye mask, a towel, sun protection, something to cover your arms in religious buildings and much more.

  13. Backup copies of all your important documents
    Don’t just keep physical copies of your passport, travel documents and driver’s license, make sure you have copies which are kept in another place. But also e-mail copies to yourself in case your belongings go missing.

  14. Pack earplugs
    These should be one of the top items to pack on a trip away. They can protect you from noisy babies on long plane rides, hostel stays with people who snore and early morning noises from the streets around.

  15. Never exchange money in your hotel
    Look for a currency exchange shop, an ATM or use your card if it doesn’t charge. By exchanging money in the hotel it’s likely you’ll be charged an additional fee for this.


  16. Always take the offer of a local guide
    There is only so much that a guide book can tell you, so if you’re in a city centre or at a monument and are offered a local guide it’s well worth the money. You’ll be surprised about how many additional bits of information you’ll get told.

  17. Keep necklaces untangled by using a straw
    Put the chain through a straw and tie it up at the back to prevent your necklace getting knotted in your luggage.

  18. Be aware of local laws
    The laws in every country are different so it’s worth having a quick read of them before you travel. For example you can’t drink on the streets in Dubai or spit gum in Singapore.


If you are travelling soon make sure you can stay connected when you are away, without breaking the bank.  See some ideas for travel accessories.