20 Signs That You Are A Smart Traveller

The more you travel, the better you get at it, and the more different types of travelling you do, the more you learn.  Think your a smart traveller?  See how many of these you say yes to - and if you have more tips of your own please help out other travellers and leave a comment!

1.    You roll your clothes – Only the pros know how to save the most space, while all the others will continue to argue about it—to fold or to roll, that is the question.
2.    You carry photocopies of your documents – While the necessity of this ostensibly sensible move is still massively moot, it definitely shows a certain concern for the wellbeing of one’s trip!
3.    You’ve got two bank cards, and they are never together – That way, if one goes missing, the other one’s still around.
4.    You never pay for checked baggage – A smart traveller knows how to dodge soaring fees for airline add-ons, whether by booking with a different carrier on particular routes or making the most of their carry-on.
5.    You walk straight past the taxi drivers outside the terminal/station – Everyone knows that those are the most expensive rides in town!
6.    You book flights in advance – Whether it’s just a short-haul jump over Europe or a cross-continent journey, the stats show that booking at least 30 days in advance can save a whole load on the price of airfares.
7.    Your phone is packed with travel apps – Offering everything from itinerary planners to ad hoc translators, the world of the travel application is the stomping ground of the smart traveller.  And the are off course off-line apps so they cost you a fortune in data roaming
8.    You accumulate air miles – Nothing says ‘expert traveller’ like a frequent flier gold card and access to all the fancy airport lounges that brings with it!
9.    You’re passport has no free pages left – When that People’s Republic pass and Indonesian visa are taking up too much room and it’s time to get a new passport…
10.    You’ve got your own travel SIM – Forget international roaming charges, the smart traveller has a travel SIM so never pays a fortune to upload their selfies when abroad!
11.    You carry a document wallet – The experienced traveller simply would never forget thier documents.
12.    You greet the cabin crew in their native tongue – Whether it’s dobrý den or adios, it’s usually true that the polyglot is a proven traveller.
13.    You eat street food – When in Rome…eat pizza. In Bangkok, Pad Thai; so on, so forth.
14.    You photograph the villa/rental car/hotel room – Smart travellers never pay for someone else’s mess.
15.    You’re never stuck at immigration – Clearing immigration is 90% prep, with those who’ve got valid passports and the right forms out and about in no time.
16.    You party with the locals – Nothing says ‘newbie’ in the travel world like someone who’s happy to visit only the tourist traps.
17.    You’ve got bags of foreign coins at home – Small change in a foreign currency is not a nuisance for smart travellers - it’s a reason to visit somewhere again.
18.    You own a Kindle – Bye bye bulky paperbacks, hello unlimited literature for the duration of your trip!
19.    You get the most expensive anti-malarials – Why spend sections of your holiday feeling sick and nauseous when just a couple of extra bucks on anti-malarials will keep you out on the beaches for longer? 
20.    You take plenty of photos – You know, to prove you actually were on the Great Wall!

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