Recommended Travel Accessories for Summer Holidays 2019

Travel Accessories

A famous maxim goes, ‘It is not the destination but the journey that is important’. How true it holds in today’s contemporary times despite our fast-paced lives and regular distant travels. How a tourist arrives at their favorite holiday destination is more paramount than spending their vacation time there.  With summers arrival, traveling and vacationing is bound to increase and a comfortable journey is as important for a tourist if not more while they set their sights on a dream vacation. WorldSIM has made the summer holiday season a lot sweeter through their all-time attractive deals on travel essentials. With their wide range of travel accessories, travelers will transit to their favorite holiday destinations in the most luxurious way possible.


J-Pillow - Travel Pillow

Having neck cramps after a long flight is the most frequent complaint of tourists. A night of deep sleep or even a quick nap taken in the wrong angle can lead to severe pain in the neck or head for hours if not for days. With WorldSIM’s J shaped pillow travel accessory, you will get the most comfortable ergonomic support to your head, neck, and chin to protect you from that annoying head nod. The J pillow is lightweight (9 ounces only) and comes with a free carry case that attaches to your luggage easily. You can use this J-Pillow to sleep comfortably anywhere whilst traveling or even at home.


 Buy here:  J-pillow now available under £25 only.


Similar Product: WorldSIM’s Luxury Memory Foam Neck Support Travel Pillow is also loved by international  travelers while on the move


Android & iPhone Dual SIM Adapter

The first issue faced by the first time international travelers is having to carry multiples phones while traveling to multiple countries. Their personal phone is simply not enough. This dilemma or technical handicap can be easily solved by using a Dual SIM Adapter, a must-have travel accessory. The adapter enables you to use two SIM cards with your phone. It connects your phone to a second SIM Card using a Bluetooth connection and a dedicated iOS and Android app. This device is indispensable for any holiday vacation and should be the first choice for any international traveler.

WorldSIM Android & iPhone Dual SIM Adapter

Buy here: Android & iPhone Dual SIM Adapter at flat 50% off.


Similar Product: Forget all of your charging woes while traveling with WorldSIM World Travel adapter plug mains with 2 USB Port.         


Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Peace & tranquillity is the foremost need for any tourist. The constant pandemonium of the outside world needs to stay where it belongs- outside. What about the noise during flights or when taking a quick nap awaiting one’s flight? A noise canceling headphone is another handy travel accessory that one must not leave their home without. Not only these headphones cancel out all noise around you for peaceful travels, but you can also answer calls with the press of a button. They are compact, have an ultra mini design, are lightweight and easy to carry. Now, this is what veteran travelers consider wise investment!


Buy here: Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones under £80 only.

Similar Product: Alternatively, travelers can opt for Wireless Light Up Earbuds with Charging Case for £15 knocked off price.


Portable Wireless Powerbank  

Running out of juice in their smartphones and mobile wifi routers is a serious problem amongst international travelers. Just when the necessary call or email needs to be sent, the devices abruptly dying down is more common phenomena than you can imagine. A portable powerbank is a lifesaver in such situations. Not only this travel accessory provides you the extra juice to power up your devices, but they also are slim and light, thus very easy to carry. A decent powerbank can easily provide up to 10000 mAh power once fully charged. Ample power to do entertainment, photography, managing office work and rest of pretty much everything an individual would need in a day. Carry this powerbank in your pocket and never run out of battery again!

Powerbank with suction

Buy here: Portable Wireless Powerbank with Suction under £25 only.  


Similar Product: Travelers can also carry fingerprint padlock, a must for any traveler or anyone who needs to secure their possessions!


About WorldSIM Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

WorldSIM since its foundation has worked tirelessly to make global communications a local affair. We have been allowing travelers to use calling and data services at local prices like back home. Our goal is to provide destination tailored SIM Cards coupled with versatile travel accessories that can be easily used worldwide. With hundreds of roaming partners, we are currently offering free international roaming in over 118 countries and adding more of them all the time. The success of the SIM inspired us to develop many more travel accessories and robust global communication service. We at WorldSIM are continuously assisting travelers when they go abroad by adding new products all the time.

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