How to Take Great Holiday Photos

Whether your hiking the windswept ridges of the mighty Himalaya or sunning yourself on the beaches of the Costa del Sol, be sure to check out these six top tips for taking the best travel photographs possible!


  1. Don’t be scared to ask permission
    Maybe you missed that bench of chattering Italian locals in Lecce or passed over that perfect snap of sun-kissed Tibetan Sherpas because you didn’t want to ask permission to photograph. Next time, summon the courage and get clicking because you’ll almost certainly find that people are a lot more willing than you think.

  2. Think about the lighting
    Okay, so this one may be a little tricky if you’ve whipped out your Nikon to capture a fleeing zebra on the African plains, but if you’re looking to snap buildings, monuments or static people, thinking about using the light to pick out interesting parts of the shot is a great way to add extra dimensions to your travel photos.

  3. Get out after dark
    It was no less than Vincent Van Gogh who once said that ‘the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.’ So, don’t put your camera away when the sun dips—get out and about, and seek out that hidden nocturnal character of your destination in all its shadowy, mysterious night-time glory.

  4. Invest in a tripod
    If you’re serious about your holiday snaps, then a tripod can make all the difference between those wonky amateur point-and-clicks and real professional images. Not only will this piece of kit let you add stability to your shooting, but it will also make it easier to capitalize on new technologies like HDR, long exposure and time lapsing.

  5. Rise early
    Too often is the perfect holiday snap ruined by a lingering bystander or a passing crowd, and travelers spend far too much time waiting for the right moment to catch their subject unsullied by the presence of others. Well, one sure way to get a clear shot is to get up early and hit the sights before anyone else. Just imagine catching Chichen Itza empty, or getting to Copacabana before the fashionistas do!

  6. Indulge in the occasional selfie
    While selfies may be anathema to the world of professional photography, it’s hard to deny they are darn good fun! They are also one of the best ways to prove you actually were somewhere, exploring its temples and parks, meeting the locals and trying the food, and not just Googling images from the safety of your sofa.

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