The Ultimate Pre Travel Guide

From travels apps and gadgets to how to take the best photos; here is the ultimate pre-travel guide!  Minimise the stress of preparing for your trip, stay connected for less while you travel and save time as we have done all the research for you!...

Prepare your devices

  • Download any travel apps that you need beforehand.  You never know when you will need a travel guide, phrase book or a map that doesn't require a data connection.  Here are some really useful travel apps that are also free to download.
  • We all want to be able to check something online or call a taxi when we need but with the fear of  extortionate roaming costs, its not always as straight forward as that.  Follow these tips to stay connected on all your devices when you travel.
  • Will you want to be contacted on a local number of the country you are travelling to?  If so you can get a virtual number.
  • Turn your data roaming off at the airport before you fly and stop automatic updates to ensure you don't spend a fortune on data.



  • Forgetting one small thing - like a travel plug adapter for example, can be a nuisance.  Use this Travel checklist to ensure you don't forget a thing!
  • Don't forget your global SIM card so you can receive calls for free in over 90 countries as well as be able to make cheap calls and save a fortune on data roaming.  If you don't have a travel SIM you can get one free, just pay for credit. Click here to get your free SIM; add the cheapest SIM to the basket and use this promo code at the checkout FREESIM.

When you arrive

  • There are loads of ways to slash the costs of data, check out these sneaky tips to keep your roaming bill ultra low.
  • Take loads of photos and share with your friends and family.  Here are some cool tips to make sure you take amazing photos.

You can save all of the articles linked in this email to an app called Pocket so they will all be available offline if you need to refer back to them while you are away.  Need some inspiration of where to go next?  Check out these off the radar destinations.




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