Packing tips every traveler should learn

We have all encountered all kinds of stressful luggage situations that could have been easily avoided by following some packing light travel advice. If you are looking for a worry free trip and an easier way to pack your travel accessories, clothing and other items, then read some travel tips below and feel free to use them for your next holiday.


 Here’s how to Pack light to travel light:

-Purchase a lightweight suitcase that is durable and practical and saves you carrying extra
-Bring e-books instead of real books.
-Buy travel sized toiletries or small refillable bottles and take only what you need. Make sure
 they are easily accessible and in a zip lock bag to take out at security. Put plastic wrap under
 the lid to prevent leakage of toiletries.
-Pack a few pieces of clothing that should match with each other, and that you can mix and
 match to make different outfits.  
 You should also plan your outfits to fit different occasions to avoid over-packing.
-Take a tablet with you to your travels instead of a laptop.
-Use shoe bags and packing organizers to keep clothes neat and shoes in order. Place smaller
 items such as socks and underwear in packing cubes or bags so that you can find them easily.
-Pack larger items first and put heavy items at the bottom. Shoes, jeans, and corduroys should
 go at the bottom so that lighter items don’t get squished as much.
-Store small items, wires, socks and travel accessories in old sunglass cases or in your shoes.  
 This will put them in order and  make them easy to find.
-Roll casual items such as jeans and t-shirts and place them side by side next to each other. 
 Belts can also be rolled. Rolled items can be put in vacuum compression bags and sealed and
 squeezed to take the air out of the bag. This method gives you more space in your
 luggage. Rolling also prevents creases, and is more effective than folding. You can also create
 your own packing cubes to put together outfits for each occasion.
-Wear your bulkiest clothes and heaviest shoes on the plane. Limit yourself to packing no more
 than two more pairs of shoes and try not to  pack too many clothes.
-Pack accessories, lighter clothes, and smaller items at the end.
-Use a pill container to store and sort jewelry.
-Buy some cheap plastic shower cap and put them over the bottom of your shoe. This will
 enable you to keep your clothes still clean, if you pack dirty shoes in your luggage.
 Alternatively you can use plastic bags.
-Protect breakables that are in danger of smashing in transit such as small perfume or
 aftershave bottles by stuffing them in your socks.
-Make sure your shoes are packed in a heel to toe position.
-Bring a dryer sheet to keep your dirty laundry smelling fresh. 

Before you leave

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